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What To Wear To A Rave: 10 Insane Rave Outfit Ideas

what to wear to a rave
What to wear to a rave: Best EDM rave outfit ideas.
what to wear to a rave
Out of the box outfits to wear to a rave: inspiring dance outfits. All images courtesy of Devil Walking.

Out of the box outfits to wear to a rave: vibrant, stand out and ever ready for the next festival event, a sampling of some inspiring rave dance outfits. 

Rave grew up to be a synonym of freedom, out-of-the-box thinking, and brutish styling!

Inspired by the unique vibe of rave culture, today we are sharing ten of the most brute ways to theal the show during your next festival event – get ready for the best edm outfit ideas!

They come in different shapes and sizes, but keep the show going – because being front-stage outgrows the moment and leaves a mark!

what to wear to a rave
Best EDM Outfit Ideas. A Neon Lightning Costume

A Neon Lightning Costume

Neon rules the rave world, and you are here to reign, aren’t you?

In a sleek and streamlined one-piece fluorescent perfection, every beat sounds differently, and every dance is a space walk. It comes in an all-over lightning print, and it will leave no doubts that you’re coming from another realm!

what to wear to a rave
Best EDM Outfit Ideas to wear to a Rave: A Royal Lotus Leaf Set.

A Royal Lotus Leaf Set

Can you be the gentlest and the brutest, all at once? No doubt you can. 

Both your yin and your yang will be having the night of their lives – in a classy hooded crop top, a pair of scandalous booty shorts, and a glamorous, contrasting lotus print that transcends realities. 

Best EDM outfits for a rave
A Body-Tight Black Marble Costume.

A Body-Tight Black Marble Costume

Being proud of your darkness is now more sophisticated and wild than ever before!

A floating marble costume comes straight from the liquid deep, and it will be your new favorite way to show them what a party is all about. It’s about generating, reflecting, and manifesting the darkest of lights!

Best EDM idea outfits
Best EDM outfits to wear for a rave: Fire-Breathing Two-Piece Set.

A Fire-Breathing Two-Piece Set

It’s about time to tell the tale, and have the world listening!

Chapters include a pair of sexy booty shorts, a cut-out boob tube, a pair of stylish thumbhole sleeves, and a multipurpose neck gaiter to begin with. The rest will be a matter of interpretation, and the season finale will be yours to write!

Best EDM outfit ideas
What to wear to a rave outfit ideas: Trippy Thong Bodysuit.

A Trippy Thong Bodysuit

Leaving more space for imagination is for the weak. The strong will simply show you the way. 

With a brutish high-hip cut and an off-beat design, a thong bodysuit will elevate your appearance from gorgeous to terrific. It has a wide front opening to round out the supremacy and a solid bodytight construction to stay in one place during your wild dancing rave mission. 

Best EDM outfit ideas
What to wear to a rave outfit ideas: Cut-Out Spectrum Mini Dress.

A Cut-Out Spectrum Mini Dress

It’s all rainbows and unicorns until… Wait, it’s all just rainbows and unicorns, actually.

Keep it on the bright side with the sexiest, cheekiest, and cutest way to go all over the rainbow – a vivid mini dress with a playful undeboob cut. Proud to be yourself, aren’t you?

Rave outwear
What to wear to a rave: Cheeky Printed Shortall.

A Cheeky Printed Shortall

A printed overall is an overall epic idea, including for the rave lovers. 

All you need to do is choose your print, put the right top as a base layer, and enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom to be both elegant and wild. 

Rave outwear ideas
Rave outwear ideas: Long Open-Front Maxi Dress.

A Long Open-Front Maxi Dress

Some women just like to watch the world watching them. So, ready to grab the spotlight?

Long rave dresses now come with a wide front cut, and fit perfectly with a pair of solid booty shorts. Then add the platform boots, and you will be nothing but royal!

What to wear EDM event
What to wear EDM rave event: Biker Shorts Set.

A Biker Shorts Set

Ravers just want to rave; and some like to do it the old-school way!

Biker shorts are in the ABC of rave fashion, and they look stunning on all body shapes, sizes, and proportions. Especially if you have a matching top!

What to wear EDM event
What to wear EDM event: Circuit Board Leggings Set

A Circuit Board Leggings Set

Coming straight from the Matrix, circuit board prints are how you spell a high-tech rave.

It gets even better when you get it in multiple pieces and form your overall digitally glitching EDM outfit. Because rolling in the software feels hardcore, and it feels good!