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How Jada Pinkett Smith emasculated Will Smith at the Oscars

Will Smith emasculation
Will Smith emasculation at the hands of Jada Pinkett Smith triggered by Chris Rock at the Oscars. Image via screengrab.
Will Smith emasculation
Will Smith emasculation at the hands of Jada Pinkett Smith triggered by Chris Rock at the Oscars. Image via screengrab.

The emasculation of Will Smith at the Oscars; How an award winning’s actors marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith unravelled live on TV for the world to see as questions of fidelity, mental health and masculinity are raised. 

The violent display of Will Smith against Oscar presenter Chris Rock can arguably be described as a sad display of toxic masculinity – but perhaps the bigger give away is how the Best Award winning actor was driven by years of ongoing emasculation and triggered by a slight that for the rest of us at home was suppose to be a gentle poke — but for one of the world’s leading actors the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Ever since it was revealed that Jada Pinkett Smith had a four and half year affair with August Alsina, 28, the best friend of the couple’s son, Jaden, Smith has had to fight off rumors and speculation that he was a willing cuck and too weak to put his wife in her place – as many men in the manosphere would argue to be appropriate. 

The actor responded to rumors of marriage infidelity by claiming that he and Jada had an open relationship. But did they? And was the idea of an open relationship at the actor’s initiation? Never mind previous statements by Pinkett Smith that she still pined for her former love, rapper, Tupac?

Will Smith in a self written memoir said that he was so jealous of Jada Pinkett Smith’s love for Tupac Shakur that he was incapable of befriending the rapper.

‘Though they were never intimate, their love for each other is legendary — they defined ‘ride or die,” Smith wrote of Pinkett Smith and Shakur in chapter 13 his self-titled memoir, released last year.

A Hollywood couple’s tumultuous 23 year marriage 

The ongoing fissure between the couple was brought to light during an episode on Pinkett’s Red Table video program, where she went on to seemingly use mental gymnastics to describe her marital ‘indiscretions’ as an instance of an ‘entanglement’.

‘I got into a different kind of entanglement with August,’ Jada confessed in the episode. ‘I just wanted to feel good. It had been so long since I felt good.’

Which raises the awkward question, so where was Will all this time and how or why was he ‘failing’ to make Jada feel good? Nevermind the obvious diss to the leading actor’s sense of masculinity — the very thing that draws a female closer to a male.

Fast forward to Sunday, March 28 at what was suppose to a celebration of the actor’s accomplishments as a leading black actor in America who had managed to win millions of followers while demonstrating his superior acting chops. But ironically what may make Smith one of the most coveted actors in Hollywood, his emotional range – is also what was his undoing.

The public emasculation of Will Smith

As comedian, Chris Rock roasted attendees at the Academy Awards, the comic took no prisoners when he took aim at Jada Pinkett Smith, saying ‘Jada, can’t wait for GI Jane 2,’ in an apparent reference to Pinkett Smith’s shaved hairdo – which is a result of the hair loss condition alopecia that the actress suffers from.

The camera spans across the room and it’s obvious that Will Smith has found the moment funny- and good natured laughs along. But the camera focusing on Pinkett Smith – shows a 50 year old woman all too conscious of her withering beauty, and suddenly being the focus of the world – rolling her eyes in disgust. This is the admission fee for being a public figure – but Pinkett Smith is only too human and can not bear it all.

And as the camera now bounces back to Rock, we notice a sudden changed expression on the comic’s face as he realizes, the moment has not gone too well and that a seething Smith, forced to capitulate to Jada Pinkett’s distress, and the valor of protecting of her honor, rushes on stage and slaps a startled Rock – before returning to his seat screaming, not once, but twice: ‘Keep my wife’s name out of your [expletive] mouth.’

Defining emasculated entanglement syndrome

And it was off to the races as the world sought to understand what they had just witnessed.

Commented YouTuber and manosphere influencer Kevin Samuels on social media:

‘In one single blow, Will Smith has helped us to define emasculated entanglement syndrome.

‘Thanks Will Smith, you’ve done what we’ve been trying to do for the last couple to three years.’

Smith following his outburst went on to ironically win the Award for best actor for ‘King Richard,’ where he used the stage to apologize to the academy (conspicuously he failed to apologize to Chris Rock at the time) while seeping in tears, explaining, ‘Art imitates life. I look like the crazy father, just like they said about Richard Williams. But love will make you do crazy things,’ the actor said. 

The confounded actor was later filmed partying that night, celebrating his award win while it was obvious to most of us, that he is deep in the throes of a mental illness and heart ache and the conflict of the image of himself to the world, and the incongruity of the love of his life who has yet to fully accept Will’s love as she seeks what Will Smith can never give her, despite what he gives the world on a stage set…

Defining masculinity and the loss of masculinity… 

And then there were some of these comments on social media that caught this author’s’ attention. See what you think?

Jada has single-handedly ruined Will’s life with her cheating, humiliations and manipulation.  

No tug of the arm, no yell out “Will No!” just like a master sicking his/her dog on someone and waiting for him to return and put it back on it’s LEASH was the energy I saw while Jada sat there and watched her husband humiliate himself for the sake of proving his love in front of the world. She enjoyed every bit of it with her demonic energy sitting there and he sharing in his acceptance speech about what Denzel shared with him about the devil and the DEVIL sitting right next to you.

The only person that doesn’t see Will’s Marriage is over is him.