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​Sports betting in Kentucky

Kentucky sports betting
Sports betting in Kentucky: Why offshore betting sites continue to rule
Kentucky sports betting
Sports betting in Kentucky: Why offshore betting sites continue to rule

Sports betting in Kentucky: While sports betting on the ground has yet to pass, punters are increasingly turning to offshore betting sites. 

Kentucky has already been putting in considerable effort to break into the domestic sports betting market in the United States, but sadly, nothing has come of it and neither of the proposed legislation has progressed beyond the planning stages.

In terms of state-regulated sports gambling in Kentucky, the state has seen a total of nine pieces of legislation relating to sports betting fail to pass through the legislative process between 2019 and 2021.

Given that legislators have been kicking about these ideas since 2017, it is probable that they will revisit the subject. Until then, citizens of the Bluegrass State may participate in legal Kentucky sports gambling via the use of internet sportsbooks that are registered and licensed in foreign jurisdictions.

Because these sportsbooks have been offering legal sports betting operations to Kentucky sports fans for a lengthy moment, with some businesses providing services for decades, Kentuckians may rest certain that they are incapable hands. Perhaps legislators will give it another go next year, who knows.

Is it allowed to gamble in Kentucky?

Yes, it is allowed to gamble on sports in Kentucky, depending on where you make your bets and how much you wager. As of right now, there are no local sportsbooks where you may place bets, but there are no restrictions in ​​Kentucky state gambling laws that make it a crime to gamble at any offshore betting site.

This is due to the fact that these betting sites are permitted to operate lawfully outside of the United States. Kentucky’s gambling laws only restrict sportsbooks that are physically situated inside the state’s boundaries, which is why they use of offshore sites is gaining more and more popularity. If one wishes to partake in this experience it is highly ideal to conduct a little bit of research, such as this informative guide of the best websites for sports betting in the Bluegrass State, including reviews by professionals of the top sportsbooks​ and in-depth information regarding the legal status of sports betting in ​Kentucky​. In addition, there is no gambling legislation in place at the federal level that prevents offshore gaming.

Kentucky Sports Betting Bills​​

KY sports betting legislation continues to be killed in the Bluegrass state, which has a long history of doing so. Four articles of legislation made their way into the state’s legislative chambers, but none of them saw the light of day before being killed.

The bills each included a full explanation and definition of the words used in both physical and digital event wagering. Despite this, allowing domestic sports gambling was not a top priority even during the 2021 congressional session in Washington, D.C.

It is crucial to note, however, that perhaps the structure of these measures serves as a model for future legislation. Now that the Kentucky General Assembly has given its approval on the issue, people and legislators in the state must continue to work together to move the issue forward.

Biggest cities for Sports Betting in Kentucky

Lexington, KY

University of Kentucky Wildcats athletics, notably its men’s basketball team, is one of the most well-known and successful programs in the United States. The Wildcats compete in the SEC and are frequent participants in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Over the years, they have won a number of national championships.

Their football program is respectable from a divisional basis, but the SEC is a difficult league to break through from a conference one. Kentucky online sportsbooks, including those featured in this guide, accept wagers on the Wildcats from residents of Lexington.

Louisville, KY

The University of Louisville Cardinals, an ACC club that has developed as a surprise powerhouse in recent seasons, are based in the Kentucky city of Louisville. The Cardinals are expected to do well this season, despite the fact that the ACC has grown into a powerful league with schools like Florida State, Clemson, NC State, and Miami in attendance. The Arizona Cardinals basketball team is another good choice for betting, with the men’s squad being a powerful member of the Division I conference.

Status Of Legal Sports Betting In Kentucky For 2022

House Bill 241, which would have allowed for legal sports betting in Kentucky in 2021, was defeated in the House on March 12, 2019. Representative Adam Koenig, the bill’s sponsor, proposed the legislation in 2020 and brought it back in 2021 without modifying a single word of the original form. However, since the 2021 session was limited, most of the attention was directed around the legalization of historical horse racing (HHR), leaving little time for sports betting.