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Las Vegas man negligent death of girlfriend’s son, 4, kept body in freezer

Brandon Toseland Las Vegas
Pictured, Brandon Toseland Las Vegas man along with his girlfriend, whose four year old son, Mason Dominguez, he is accused of murdering and storing in a freezer. Images via social media.
Brandon Toseland Las Vegas
Pictured, Brandon Toseland Las Vegas man and his girlfriend’s four year old son, Mason Dominguez, who he is accused of murdering and storing in a freezer. Images via police bookings and social media.

Brandon Toseland Las Vegas man murders girlfriend’s 4 year old son, Mason Dominguez, keeps boy’s body in freezer the garage. 

Why didn’t he seek medical attention for the child? The boyfriend of a Las Vegas woman has been charged with murder after the woman’s four year old son was found dead in a freezer at a Nevada residence on Tuesday. 

Brandon Toseland, 35, appearing in court on Wednesday was charged with the open murder of 4 year old boy, Mason Dominguez along with two kidnapping charges.

Toseland was arrested Tuesday after police discovered the boy’s remains in a freezer in the garage of his mother’s northeast Las Vegas home located in the 4300 block of Saddle Brook Park Drive. 

The little boy was found in a trash bag inside a garage freezer, hidden under a false cardboard bottom and multiple items of food, the Reno Gazette Journal reported.

Notice of the child’s remains came after the boy’s mother earlier that day had sent her eldest daughter to elementary school with a note saying that she was being held against her will by Toseland and that she believed her son was dead and that she hadn’t seen the boy since early December. 

Boyfriend failed to seek medical attention for 4 year old boy

School authorities notified Metro police who arrived at the residence where they observed Toseland and the mother entering a vehicle and arrested the man along with issuing a search warrant.

The mother, whose identity was not publicly revealed, said she had been instructed not to leave the house or enter the garage where her son’s body was stored, or to ask abut her missing son.  

The mother, who had been dating Toseland for 11 months, also specified she hadn’t seen her son since December 11 and that she feared that the ‘toddler was possibly deceased.’ 

The last time she had seen Mason, he had been locked in the master bedroom of the home by Toseland after the little boy fell ill, she said.   

She then said that Toseland admitted Mason had died, but that it had been an accident. 

According to the woman, Toseland told her that he had found the child in bed covered in vomit and not breathing. He said he attempted CPR but could not resuscitate Mason. Police noted that Toseland did not attempt to contact police or medical personnel.

Detectives noted that at the time of the arrest on Tuesday, handcuffs were found in the passenger seat where the mother was.  

Brandon Toseland Las Vegas
Pictured, Brandon Toseland Las Vegas and Mason Dominguez mother. Image via social media.

Cause of death pending autopsy

Toseland took her cellphone away, began ‘bounding/tying her,’ and ‘would handcuff her inside the vehicle, preventing her freedom of movement,’ the arrest record read. 

After obtaining a search warrant, police found Mason’s body in a freezer kept in the garage around 4.30pm the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.  

Prosecutors revealed the preschooler was found with visible injuries, but no cause of death was revealed pending autopsy results.     

The boy’s body according to prosecutors had been kept in a garage freezer for at least two months prior to Tuesday’s macabre discovery.

Investigators suspect the child died in Early December.

The boy’s mother has not been charged.  

Brandon Toseland Las Vegas
Pictured, Brandon Toseland Las Vegas man and his girlfriend’s four year old son, Mason Dominguez. Images via social media.

‘negligent maltreatment.’

Police said the child’s death was tied to Toseland’s inaction and actions in not seeking medical attention and out of ‘negligent maltreatment.’

Toseland who remained held without bail was set to appear in court again on February 28.

Court records show Toseland was previously charged with domestic battery in 2013 and 2019, but both cases were dismissed. In the 2019 case, Toseland was required to complete community service and impulse control counseling before the case was dismissed.

Toseland had a three-year child custody battle with the mother of his two children, who are 7 and 5 years old, according to Family Court records cited by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The mother argued for sole legal custody of the children, but said there have been no instances of domestic violence or Child Protective Services involvement.

The court granted the parents joint custody in August.

Responding to news of Mason’s death, family members said the preschooler ‘was just like any other 4 year old, happy, sweet, intelligent, very out-going!’ 

‘On February 22, 2022, My family had discovered our sweet Mason was murdered by people who, he thought he could trust,’ his relatives posted on a GoFundMe for his burial costs. 

‘When my family or I couldn’t see Mason we missed him & his sister very much but to know we won’t ever see Mason again hurts the whole family 1000x more. We had always hoped we would be able to see him again , at least once… just to give him a hug ? A kiss & tell him we love him … To know Mason was loved , he will be living on through all his family members, friends, his dad & most importantly his big sister.’

Mason Dominguez Las Vegas
Pictured, Mason Dominguez Las Vegas 4 year old boy.

Suspicious U-Haul truck

According to the fundraiser, Mason’s father died from pneumonia last year at 29-years-old and the family plans on buying the burial lot right next to his dad.

One neighbor told KVVU-TV: ‘We’ve been a quiet neighborhood. We are a new, quiet neighborhood.’

They went to to say that they had contacted the HOA this month after becoming suspicious of a U-Haul truck parked outside the home where the boy was found.

The neighbor added: ‘Within the last week, week and a half. It has been sitting in front of that house, and we’ve been contacting HOA again.’