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Boston man, 30, sues Uber for $63m after left a quadriplegic

Will Good Boston Uber lawsuit
Will Good Boston man sues Uber for $63m after left paralyzed by driver according to negligence lawsuit.
Will Good Boston Uber lawsuit
Will Good Boston man sues Uber for $63m after left paralyzed by driver according to negligence lawsuit.

Will Good Somerville Boston man sues Uber for $63m after being left permanently paralyzed as a result of the rideshare app hiring a driver with a checkered driving history according to his negligence suit. 

A Boston man has sued Uber for $63 million after he was left a quadriplegic when according to his suit a ‘dangerous’ driver with a checkered driving record crashed into a parked car last spring.   

Will Good, 30, of Somerville filed a $63 million negligence suit against the rideshare app company seeking to hold Uber accountable for his injuries and for its ‘unsafe business practices that endanger all driver in Massachusetts,’ according to the negligent lawsuit filed Tuesday.  

The suit filed Tuesday in Suffolk Superior Court seeks a jury trial and $63 million for severe physical, mental and emotional injuries, extraordinary pain and suffering, and permanent disability according to WCVB-TV.

On April 30, 2021, the 30 year old chef called an Uber to go home from his restaurant job when the vehicle crashed into a parked car. 

Good according to his attorneys said he instantly knew he couldn’t move, and believed he had broken his neck but the unnamed Uber driver, ‘in a shocking display of poor judgment and poor training’ allegedly asked Good to get up, insisting he was not injured. 

Passengers led to believe that Uber screens its drivers

Good’s suit claims that his Uber driver had a checkered driving history dating back to 1996, that included multiple moving violations, crashes, at least 20 citations, and state imposed driver retraining, the Boston Globe reported. 

Good’s lawyers are arguing that the rideshare outlet, which is valued at around $70 billion, failed to screen the ‘risky driver’ and put others in jeopardy – and therefore the company bears responsibility for Good’s ‘life-changing injuries.’ 

‘The consuming passenger here in Massachusetts is led to believe that Uber is in the business of vetting, screening, and holding its drivers to certain standards, when in fact, that’s really not true in many, many cases and that leads directly to what happened here.’ Good’s lawyer, Victoria Santoro Mair, of Sweeney Merrigan Law, told the Globe.

‘Now we have a 31-year-old man who had a life, and a career, that’s been completely derailed, completely ruined.’

Good, who was left quadriplegic after the accident, spent two months in the ICU at Massachusetts General Hospital, and another two months in a rehab center.  

Now living at home with his girlfriend and two caretakers, he is adjusting to a new reality.

‘I don’t like the taste of feeling sorry for myself,  so I try to fill my time with things instead of depression, but it hit when I got home, when I was alone,’ Good told the Globe. 

Case could be catalyst to further regulate rideshare app vendors

‘I struggle daily with the knowledge that this Uber employee was hired as a professional driver — the last thing he should have been hired to do,’ Good told WCVB-TV.

Good’s attorneys say they want his case to be used as a catalyst for Uber and other rideshare companies to be further regulated and held to higher safety standards.

‘The product Uber is selling is the driving,’ Santoro Mair told the Globe. ‘They can’t simply say, ‘well, you know, our business model is to draw the passengers into the car and charge them when they get out and then take no responsibility for what happens while they’re in the car.” 

Uber to date has declined to respond to media overture for comment citing ongoing litigation.