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Six awesome events to attend before the year ends

New Years Celebrations
Pictured, Hijinx festival 2021 which promises to be a live event blast.
New Years Celebrations
New Years Celebrations Live event. Pictured, Hijinx festival 2021 which will take place in Phialdelphia.

Six amazing live events to attend before the year ends: As New Year celebrations approach, here are a list of live events that will delight concert and festival goers.

Year-end events and fiestas are must-visit gatherings to bid farewell to the year beautifully. More than that, get together, exposure, and entertainment are some of the highlights of such events. 

Most importantly, such events are perfect scape-outs to enrich sad memories, enliven the present moment, and anticipate a pleasant year ahead.

It is why this year’s events have even more special significance, given the pandemic’s challenges. Before the pandemic, finances, availability, or schedule were the matters of concern. At present, the occurrence of such events is the most uncertain concern.

No doubt, the pandemic was equally dreadful for everyone around the world. Yet, many artists endeavored to hold people’s hands in the most painful days via various online events. Let’s hope the coming days will be even more pleasant. 

It means as activities are returning to normality, the entertainment world is also stirring up in vigor and thrill. Hence, such festivals will be a fresh breath for artists and visitors alike.

The following sections unravel some of the refreshing events to attend before the end of the year 2021.

 1. Billy Joel At The garden

He is a singer and lyricist from the United States. He is still on the go in the entertainment industry since the 1970s. With such an extraordinarily abundant experience, undeniably, he is a legend of the music world.

And did you know he is already 72 years and still never ceases to embark on new beginnings? At such an apex age, he is praiseworthy to have dropped an event for fans. People cannot even muster up the courage to do something so vigorous and fatiguing.

Thus rest assured, a Billy Joel concert will surely be a sight of inspiration along with the entertainment. So do not miss out on a refreshing series of events hitting from the 12th of December 2021. 

The marking event of the series is The Garden, taking place in Madison Square, United States.

Additionally, the tour is an extensively packed series that will continue till September 2022. It means you have a flexible chance to ensure your presence in the joyous and memorable event in different states of the United States.

New Years Celebrations Live event.
New Years Celebrations live event. Pictured, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut series to take place in Glasgow.

 2. King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

It is one of the large-scale yearly music events in Scotland, United Kingdom. The festival has been serving people with entertainment and promoting local bands since February 1990. Isn’t the legacy so astonishing?

The event is full of diversity containing music, comedy, food, and much more. More than that, the festival holds cultural significance for the people in Scotland and around the United Kingdom. Hence, it is more than an entertainment event.

The event has several big hits and acts in the lineup for the current year as well. Since the event started in May 2021, it is already in the active phase. But don’t worry; it will continue till February 2022. 

Hence, if the ongoing year was challenging for you, it is a perfect chance to mitigate the saddening impact of the pandemic. So do not miss the opportunity to elevate your emotional and psychological fitness with the perfectly balanced festival before the year ends.

New Years Celebrations Live event
New Years Celebrations Live event: The Valhalla Festival in the Netherlands.

 3. Valhalla Festival

The Valhalla Festival has been entertaining the people of the Netherlands and elsewhere since 2012. It is an all-day-long banger taking place in Amsterdam on the 18th of December this year.

The festival contains several entertainment acts. The music category will mesmerize visitors with various genres like urban, techno, house, and disco. Apart from that, the festival has lined up several enchanting and bizarre circus stages as well.

Even more, organizers of the event strive to ensure visitors leave happier and bounteous, unlike how they come. Thus do not ponder over excessively and secure your spots for the fun-packed day. What is even more exciting is that the tickets are still on sale.

Thus if you have intentions to celebrate the remaining days of the year 2021, the Valhalla festival is one of the great options. No doubt, it is a perfect opportunity to expand the joys of the Christmas holidays with your loved ones.


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 4. Lights All Night

Have you ever counted the minutes and seconds to the new year? Perhaps you would have, but not the way you will get to do in the Lights All Night festival. How? 

Lights All Night is a year-end event starting on the 30–31st of December this year. It means the event not only offers the chance to hit the dance floor in vigor but marks the two most significant moments of the year. 

As such, you will get to bid farewell to the ongoing year blissfully and welcome the upcoming one optimistically. Hence, do not wait to book your presence at the festival. 

The festival is embarking in Dallas in the Market Hall, United States. Its lineup includes various record-breaking artists, such as DJ Snake, Above and Beyond, and Illenium, and many more. 

Rhythm and alps live event
New Years Celebrations Live event: Rhythm and alps lineup 2021

Apart from that, lights, music, colors, and even electrifying roars of the crowd are waiting to captivate you. In essence, the organizers plan to excite you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 5. Rhythm and Alps

Rhythm and Alps is a year-end music and camping festival taking place on this year’s Eve in Wanaka, New Zealand. The festival has been entertaining for over ten years. The current year marks its eleventh birthday. 

This year too, the festival plans to enchant visitors for three days, starting from the 29th of December 2021. 


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One of the most mesmerizing characteristics of the event is its open-air setting. And that too within the vicinity of the mighty and spectacular Alps of New Zealand. It means you will get to experience music, dance, and the stunning beauty of nature all in one place, at a time. 

No doubt, such sights are rare to witness and experience. So do not miss the perfect opportunity. But before you go packing, note the lineup of the event. The entertainment squad includes Bradley Zero, Filth, Diesel, Muroki, Paige Julia, Lee Mvtthews, and many more. 

One thing is for sure that the festival is more than sounds and music. However, do not forget to attend to the pandemic’s protocols amid thrill.

Hijinx festival 2021 line up live event.
New Years Celebrations event: Hijinx festival 2021 line up

 6. HiJinx Festival

Hijinx is also an upbeat carnival for the New Year celebrations. Hijinx will enthrall you for two days this year. The event starts from 30th till the 31st of December in Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, United States.

The squad for the upcoming event includes Illenium, Griz, Alison wonderland, Excision, Wreckno, and many more. It means you will experience a mishmash of several genres, including hip hop, rock, rap, and many others, in one place.

Apart from that, there will be various local and cultural acts on display as well. Visitors will also get to enjoy a variety of food, drinks, and beverages throughout the event at several points. If you are in the United States, do not miss out on the chance to such a package of fun and mood boosters. It will be a healthy experience after a tiring and depressing year.

And did you know that the countdown to the festival is still going on? So why not welcome the New Year enthusiastically?


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Concluding remarks

No doubt, the pandemic has changed the essence of living and experiencing life. However, do not be sad about the dreadful experience. There is still time to count the remaining days of the odd 2021 in happy ones. 

It means you have the opportunity to explore suitable events and embellish the terrain of your memory with some more enchanting moments. But before the visit, make sure you are aware of the specific safety guidelines regarding the pandemic.