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20 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know in 2022

Life hacks for college students
Life hacks for college students to get ahead at school. Consider joining a study group.
Life hacks for college students
Life hacks for college students to get ahead at school.

Life Hacks College Students Should Know in order to better improve their studying and learning habits and getting ahead at school. 

Have you been trying to look for ways to stay on top of things without affecting your finances, health, social life, or grades? If yes, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. There are different kinds of college hacks available that will improve your well-being and effectiveness. You don’t have to choose between getting good grades and enjoying your time. You can do both and much more. Over the years, many school hacks have been invented by millions of students across the world.

From studying techniques to making new friends and thriving in the college dorm setting, students have come up with lots of amazing ways to master effective time management and activities effectively. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel since you can use most of the solutions that these students have come up with. Thanks to rapid technological advancement, you can access these hacks whenever you want. Here are twenty life hacks that you should know in 2022.

1. Get enough sleep

University and college students are known for their poor sleep habits. Most students stay up all night watching movies, scrolling their phones, partying, or working on assignments that they are supposed to submit the following day.

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important life hacks for college students. When you get seven to nine hours of sleep every night, you’ll improve your health, ability to learn, memory, and much more. Sacrificing your sleep leads to irritability, poor concentration, weakened immune system, poor memory, stress, and burnout to name a few. You need to go to bed and wake up at the same time even on the weekend. Ensure that your room is dark and comfy when it’s time to sleep.

2. Planning is key

Most students are usually stressed out as they try to stay on top of everything. They feel like their efforts aren’t paying off. However, college life doesn’t have to be chaotic. Successful students know that planning and organization are at the heart of effective time management.

You need to use your monthly and daily planner to schedule activities that you need to do. All activities that you indulge in college should be accounted for. This includes study time, class time, papers, social activities, sleeping, and eating. Instead of storing things in your head, always use a planner. A planner will help you avoid wasting time, procrastinating, and missing deadlines.

3. Sit at the front

Do you enjoy sitting at the back in every class? If so, you are not alone. And it is time to make changes. This is one of the best things you can do in college. When you sit at the front, you’ll be forced to pay attention and learn what the professor is teaching. Most professors love students who sit at the front. Therefore, you can expect to get higher grades by making this move.

4. Test yourself regularly

One of the best ways to learn and retain information is by testing yourself regularly. A study conducted by Psychological Science found that taking practice tests is more effective than most study techniques that students use. Plus, the stakes are low when you test yourself. If you don’t perform well, you’ll spend most of your time focused on learning the correct answers. Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, there are a lot of websites with great tests that you can read and take today. All you have to do is look for an exam on the course that you are taking. Another effective study tool is the flashcard. Flashcards allow you to practice and memorize information that you’ve been studying.

5. Space your study sessions

You should avoid cramming. While you might feel great studying in the eleventh hour or pulling all-nighters, you are getting better in the long run. Cramming can work in the short term. However, it doesn’t help you in the long run. Therefore, this habit can haunt you when you start taking advanced classes. If you feel overwhelmed, you may sometimes hire essay writers or apply to the writing services for college students to get yourself some free time.

6. Open your dorm room regularly

In college, you need to make friends and gain a reputation of being approachable and friendly. When you are relaxing in your dorm room, leaving the door open communicates that you are willing to meet new people and form new relationships.

7. Spend quality time with professors

In college, it’s quite easy to access experts. And these experts can be your mentors. Very few students use the opportunities they have to interact with their professors. By doing this, you’ll stand apart from your colleagues and gain a deeper understanding of the course that you are taking.

8. Read useful books

There are a lot of amazing books out there. All you have to do is look for them. You’ll change your life if you start reading and applying what you learn. Today, all you need is a smartphone or tablet to access useful books in the blink of an eye and of course there’s always the option of translation services when foreign languages are involved. 

9. Visualize what you want

You should start every day with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Having a vision will keep you on track and help you achieve goals that others would never think of.

10. Create a vision board

To stay inspired and motivated in the long run, you need to be able to see your goals visually. The most successful people have vision boards in their homes. Why shouldn’t you have one in your dorm room?

11. Pick a day for class assignments

If you are having a hard time staying on top of your assignments, you need to pick one day in a week to do and complete all your assignments. By doing this, you’ll avoid stress and the last-minute rush.

12. Start searching for jobs early

The best time to start looking for potential employers is while you are in college. There are a lot of students who have managed to start a career and perform well at school. When you land your dream job, don’t quit when things get tough. Instead, learn how to manage your time effectively.

13. Exercise before studying

Regular exercise has lots of benefits not only to the body but also to the mind. You can take a walk, jog, do yoga, or go to the gym. When you do this, your mind will be more receptive to new information.

14. Take short breaks while studying

You should never spend more than ninety minutes studying. Otherwise, you’ll start feeling tired and stressed out. You need to take short breaks regularly to keep your mind active without affecting your momentum.

Life hacks for college students
Life hacks for college students to get ahead at school. Consider joining a study group.

15. Join a study group

If you are having a hard time studying alone, you should consider joining a study group. You’ll get to learn a lot from others and help other members by sharing your study techniques.

16. Eliminate distractions

Distractions are the biggest killers of productivity. Therefore, you need to avoid them at all costs. Avoid scrolling social media, chatting with friends, listening to music, or checking your email during study time.

17. Adopt good eating habits

You should avoid too much sugar, salt, and processed foods. Always go for vegetables and fruits if you want to improve your health.

18. Avoid drugs

In college, most students abuse drugs. They go to parties and drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and other addictive substances. You should avoid abusing drugs for your health and wellbeing.

19. Drink a lot of water

Your body needs to stay hydrated all day long. Staying hydrated will boost mental power, strengthen your immune system, and enhance mental clarity. Also, drinking water before taking food will help you avoid consuming too much.

20. Maintain personal hygiene

You shouldn’t allow your dorm room to become the breeding ground for germs, roaches, and rodents. Your dorm room should be cleaned once or twice a week. Wipe surfaces and objects and wash your bed linens and towels regularly and remember to maintain personal hygiene. 


These are the top twenty life hacks that every college student should know. What are you going to start doing today?