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How To Decorate Your Living Room in A Modern Style

How To Decorate Your Living Room in A Modern Style.
Decorate Your Living Room
How To Decorate Your Living Room in A Modern Style.

Clever ways to decorate your living room in a modern style: Bring in highlight colors, use quirky statement pieces, be bold with lightning, add greenery & plants. 

Are you looking to give your living room a new style? Tired of all the old décor pieces in your room and seeking something a bit sleeker and more modern? Well you’ve come to the right place, we’ve pulled together some of the best ways you can give your home’s living room a new modern style, while keeping it feeling warm and homely.

Bring In Highlight Colours

Nothing gives a living room a modern feel quite like contrasting vivid, bold colours against a neutral background. Having a neutral background paired with bright colours helps spread attention around your living room and help keep attention focused on the areas you want seen.

You can get this effect, by introducing bold splashes of colour in areas like doorways, skirting boards, cabinets and the edge of wall shelfs, by painting them in a bright coloured paint like yellow or blue, while leaving the walls and flooring in the room as a neutral colour like grey or white.

Use Quirky Statement Pieces

If you want to add an undeniably modern touch to your living room, you should look at utilising a quirky statement piece in your living room, to act as a conversation piece and a natural focal point in your living rooms design, as it’s ‘quirky’ attention will be naturally drawn to your statement piece.

For your statement piece, you have quite a few options to go with, as any décor or furniture piece can be a statement piece if it’s quirky enough. But the more popular options for these pieces would be to use seating with a bold modernist design, a large art piece with a bright design or a bold rug with a design or pattern that catches the eye. 

Be Bold With Lighting

Another hallmark of modern design, is an extensive use of different lighting, layered together to create luscious layers of light, giving your living room a natural and bright feel to it. You can augment light with lamps and window shades to give your room a modern feel to it’s lighting.

For window shading you’ll want to look at Day & Night blinds, which are made from alternating strips of see through and opaque material, which will create a nice layer of natural light, interspersed with areas of shadow. Then for your lighting, you’ll want to use your ceiling lights, with at least one other type of lighting like a lamp or coloured LED strips to create amazing modern mood lighting.

Add Greenery & Plants

Finally, one of the best ways to make your modern design elements in your living room really ‘pop’ you should contrast your modernist pieces against nature. Contrasting modern design touches with houseplants and greenery is a great way to accentuate your living room’s design.

When it comes to greenery in a modernist space, you have two main options; firstly, some people prefer to use a large plant like a Monstera plant as a feature piece which draws attention very carefully; or alternatively’ you can go for saturation with your plants and greenery, by introducing lots of small plants to your living room to spread the attention and natural feel around the room.