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Five Ways to Summon Your Creative Juices

boost your creativity
How to boost your creativity checklist.
boost your creativity
How to boost your creativity checklist.

It’s hard to take on a creative pursuit if your creative juices aren’t flowing. Find out the psychological tricks to exercise your mind and boost your creativity.

Sometimes, boredom makes us feel trapped to the point that we struggle to find something to satisfy our desire to feel engaged. It can also make us cranky and more vulnerable to reality. These scenarios force our minds to roam, allowing our suppressed thoughts to arise.

Taking on creative activities is a common technique to ease boredom. The problem is, many people think that artistic people are capable of doing creative activities. The truth is, there’s no discrimination when it comes to creative pursuits. The challenge lies in where you can harness your creativity regardless of whether you have the talent for it. In fact, scrapbooking is a perfect pastime for those looking for a creative outlet. All you need are art supplies such as personal photos, colored pens, washi tape, different sizes of grid paper, and other scrapbooking items.

Creative activities come in different forms. But if you feel unmotivated to tackle tasks, there are different tricks to spark your creativity. Read on and discover how to get inspired and focus your mental energy on worthwhile activities.

Be an expert

Not good at dancing? Why not enroll in a dance class? Can’t draw? Try watching an instructional video on YouTube! Don’t let your lack of knowledge and skills keep you from honing your creativity.

We’ve heard many success stories about people who suck at something they want to do. Having the determination to be an expert in your chosen field can make unthinkable things possible. Once you have set your sights on your goal, this will help you become motivated to develop a rich understanding of a certain creative pursuit. As a result, you’ll be in a better position to think of innovative or novel ideas to make things work.

Do what you really love

It’s hard to be creative and find inspiration if you’re not up for the task. Have you ever noticed how you feel enthusiastic if you’re doing something you actually love?

Having a passion for a creative pursuit allows you to feel more inspired and motivated to come up with fresh ideas and bring creative solutions. Any task you keep putting off can be difficult to tackle when you lack a creative and positive attitude.

Reward yourself

A study revealed that rewarding yourself for doing something that is already intrinsically rewarding will eventually backfire and reduce motivation. This phenomenon is called the over justification effect. In this case, rewarding yourself for doing a creative pursuit will create an opposite effect by suppressing motivation and creativity.

On the other hand, a study discovered that when you reward yourself for explicitly producing creative work, your level of creativity increases. That’s why if you’re searching for inspiration for a creative activity, give yourself a desirable reward once your efforts lead to fruitful results. Just make sure not to overdo it to avoid losing your motivation.

Get up and move

Research has found that people are likely to be creative if they move around instead of sitting down. Plenty of studies have proven regular exercise plays a critical role in protecting and boosting cognitive abilities. But even a brief walk can temporarily enhance our flow of thinking.

So if you’re tied to your table and struggling to think of a creative idea, why not go for a walk to let inspiration come to you.

If you want to take it up a notch, consider practicing meditation. Meditation helps in silencing your hectic thoughts crowding your mind. You can try different meditation methods to help you achieve inner calmness and open your mind to better ideas and creative thoughts.

Meditative exercises help you relax, renew your mind, and allow creativity to flow naturally. Look for activities that help you unwind and relax to free up your mind. These include gardening, long baths, or whatever activity that will ease your mind and body.

Take a break

Although taking a break is the last thing on your list, giving yourself some slack actually helps in boosting creativity.

Creativity is a skill that requires you to train yourself to be good at, but it’s important not to pressure yourself, especially if you’ve been struggling to think of new solutions and ideas and often come up with nothing. Take a break and give your mind some breathing space. Clear your mind, change scenery, and drop your current task for a while. By the time you return, you’ll have a fresh set of ideas to inspire you.

Creative pursuits benefit our health and well-being in many positive aspects. If you’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated, finding ways to boost your creativity will summon all your creative juices and make you feel good inside and out.