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5 year old Detroit girl rescued from kidnapper

Maggie Millsap Detroit
Maggie Millsap Detroit 5 year old girl rescued after Dangelo Clemons kidnaps child.
Maggie Millsap Detroit
Maggie Millsap Detroit 5 year old girl rescued after Dangelo Clemons kidnaps child.

Maggie Millsap rescued after Dangelo Clemons shoots and kills the 5 year old girl’s father and holds her captive at his Detroit, Michigan home. 

A 5-year-old girl was rescued after being held captive last month in a Detroit home according to reports.

Dangelo Cash Clemons, 29, was arrested after Maggie Millsap was found on June 30 at the man’s West side Detroit home. Police confirmed that a body, since identified as the kidnapped girl’s father, was found in the home.

‘I loved them, that little girl and her dad,’ Maggie’s godmother, Karla Reaves told clickondetroit.

Reaves and her daughter, Darion, would take her to the park every day but not before her dad pop quizzed her.

‘He made sure she did five math problems and read a book before we took her to the park. I love them so much,’ Reaves told the media outlet. 

Dangelo Clemons Detroit
Pictured, Dangelo Cash Clemons Detroit man accused of kidnapping Maggie Millsap, 5 year old girl.

‘The monster is coming to get me,’

Then things changed three weeks ago when neighbors said Maggie’s father, Cody Millsap, was murdered in his doorway on Schaefer Highway by a man who lived next door.

The man, identified as Dangelo Clemons, held the 5-year-old girl hostage in her home for at least two days.

On June 30, neighbors heard her cries for help.

‘She got in the window and said, ‘The monster is coming to get me,’’ Karla Reaves said.

Police arrived at about 10:30 p.m. that day and arrested Clemons.

Within the same week, another man was found shot to death just outside the duplex. Investigators said it isn’t clear how everything is connected. Investigators are working toward murder charges along with kidnapping charges in the case according to FOX2Detroit.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office had yet to say who shot Maggie’s father dead. The man’s body had laid at the front door of the residence for days police said with the child held inside the home. No known motive for the murders was made public.

Maggie Millsap Detroit
Pictured, Maggie Millsap Detroit kidnapped by Dangelo Clemons.

5 year old girl bereft of her parents

While neighbors are celebrating Maggie being found alive, they are still in mourning.

‘He needs to know that he hurt this little girl for the rest of her life,’ Karla Reaves said.

‘Not only did he hurt her, he hurt us and anyone else who loved that little girl because now she doesn’t have anybody,’ said Darion Reaves.

Of note, Maggie who was born premature has suffered ongoing health problems. Some months after her birth, the girl’s mother passed away. The five year old is now bereft of both her parents and currently in foster care.

While the girl has family in Texas, officials said it wasn’t clear where the girl will go permanently.