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Samuel Olson murder: Did dad’s girlfriend murder missing 6 year old Houston boy?

Theresa Balboa Samuel Olson death
Samuel Olson murder: Pictured, Theresa Balboa with missing six year old Houston boy's father, boyfriend, Dalton Olson.
Theresa Balboa Samuel Olson death
Theresa Balboa Samuel Olson death. Did dad’s girlfriend murder missing 6 year old Houston boy?

Samuel Olson murder: Did dad’s girlfriend, Theresa Balboa murder missing 6 year old Houston boy? Dalton Olson toxic relationship with girlfriend. 

The girlfriend of a man whose missing six year old son was found deceased at a Jasper, Texas motel room has been charged with tampering with evidence as Houston authorities now say further charges may follow.

Theresa Balboa, 29, remained in custody following her arrest Tuesday night, as authorities awaited the determination of a medical examiner of cause of death following the discovery of what they believed to be the body of missing 6 year old boy, Samuel Olson. 

‘Why? He loved you so much,’ the boy’s distraught father, Dalton Olson told KPRC 2 on Wednesday.

‘I do not understand what happened. Why did you, why did you do this?’ Olson said if given a chance to speak with the woman he had assumed he could trust his son’s life with.

On Tuesday night, Texas authorities following an undisclosed tip, located what they say are the remains of missing 5-year-old Samuel Olson stuffed inside a tote bag at a Best Western motel room in the city of Jasper, KTVT reported

Girlfriend’s unraveling story

Following the discovery, Balboa, who was also at the motel, more than a 135 miles away from her Houston residence, was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. She may face additional charges, police said.

The woman’s arrest follows authorities conducting a search at her apartment Monday after obtaining a search warrant ABC13 Houston reported. The woman’s vehicle was also towed away to be searched for forensic evidence.

It was Balboa who filed the initial missing persons report for Olson on Thursday evening, only for authorities’s suspicions to grow as her began to unravel as the investigation progressed.

A medical examiner will confirm the dead child’s identity, but Houston Assistant Police Chief Heather Morris said that detectives believe the remains belong to Olson.

Jasper Chief of Police Gerald Hall told FOX4 that investigators believe the child’s body had been in the motel ‘for some time.’

Samuel was reported missing May 27 by Balboa and his father, though he was last seen on April 30 at Holbrook Elementary School, police said. The boy’s biological mother stated not having seen her son for over a year despite claims from Balboa saying that she had been forced to hand over the boy to his biological mother, Thursday morning, after the mother purportedly approached her with what she claimed was a man dressed in a police uniform after accusing Balboa of kidnapping. 

Cops were unable to verify Balboa’s version of events. Houston police said Samuel’s mother told them she does not know where her son is. The mother had been embroiled in an ongoing child custody case with the boy’s father.

Theresa Balboa Samuel Olson death
Pictured, Theresa Balboa and Samuel Olson father, Dalton Olson.

Toxic relationship

It remained unclear when the father last saw his son and whether the man reported the boy missing at the time of being aware the boy had gone missing.

During initial questioning, Olson defended Balboa, saying that the on and off couple had reconciled following a domestic violence incident in November and that she has been helping him care for his son while he was at work.

‘I feel like I’m having a bad dream that I can’t wake up from,’ he told Click2Houston.

Of note, Samuel’s father is not considered a person of interest in his son’s death at the time, but investigators continue to speak with him.

Balboa, who was out on bond for a prior alleged attack on her boyfriend, remains held in Jasper County Jail. No motive has been disclosed so far.

Samuel Olson’s 6th birthday was Saturday.