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The 3 Best Dungeons In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV
3 Most Favorite Dungeons In Final Fantasy XIV for Players.
Final Fantasy XIV
3 Most Favorite Dungeons In Final Fantasy XIV for Players

3 Most Favorite Dungeons In Final Fantasy XIV: Video Game that offers players combat experience set with knights, samurais, ninja’s and goth fantasy & fortresses. 

Final Fantasy XIV has more than its fair share of amazing dungeons that cover every aspect of an awesome MMO experience, be it exhilarating combat, plentiful loot, or just plain beauty of design.

Yet, not all dungeons are created equal and some are bound to stand out more than others, and, in our humble opinion there are three that more than deserve their place at the very top.

Just keep in mind, the list below is not necessarily ranking these three dungeons, but rather just listing the accomplishments that make them the best. With that being said, let’s dive right in.

The Vault

Visually, the vault, from the heavensward expansion is a feast with the bright yellow sun softly flowing in through the glass windows of a Gothic-styled great hall, there is simply no other place like it in the game.

The bosses are nothing to scoff at either, three powerful knights with a tragic background that makes them equally intimidating and relatable to a certain level, all the while presenting a hefty challenge to those seeking their riches within the dungeon.

Final Fantasy XIV
3 Most Favorite Dungeons In Final Fantasy XIV for Players.

Speaking of which, there are plenty to be found, especially if you like the nobility aesthetic that permeates the dungeon, making it the perfect place to go in a peasant and come out a knight.

Dohn Mheg

Where the vault is a sublime Gothic cathedral, Dohn Mheg is a tour through a mixture of wonderland with Atlantis, being divided between a land-based and an aquatic sections that keep you engaged from the beginning to the end.

That is not to say, of course, of the abundance of loot you can find on this place with hundreds of items that will make you, if not god like in power, rich enough to make a swimming pool of FFXIV Gil.

Shisui of The Violet Tides

Perhaps the most poetic of the three dungeons, the Shisui of the Violet Tides is any admirer of Japanese architecture’s blissful dream with a huge, gorgeous underwater fortress complete with coral gardens and fantastical murderous fish.

If you are going for a samurai, or ninja look, this is also a must-visit location as the denizens of this glorious fortress are bound to drop all sort of feudal Japan themed goodies that is bound to turn some heads.


The dungeons we have showed here are three among a plethora of experiences that Final Fantasy XIV has to offer, all of which are unique in their own way, and from which you will come out having witnessed something beautiful or new.

If the dungeons we have selected stand out it is merely because they excel in how they present theses unique elements, but you may have seen something that we have not, experienced something unique to your story.

So, why not share it? Consider this our formal invitation for you to tell us about your favorite FFXIV dungeon, why you like it, what incredible adventure you had inside it, what makes it the best in your eyes. Whatever it is, we want to hear it.