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What Can You See Through A Nile River Cruise

Nile River Cruise: City of Luxor
Nile River Cruise: City of Luxor.
Nile River Cruise
Nile River Cruise: Exploring Egypt’s history, mythology, sights and vast wonders.

Egypt’s Nile River: Historic sights, treasures, archealogy and mythology to be explored while taking a cruise amongst breath-taking sights. What awaits travelers.

The Nile River Cruise is a floating hotel filled with all the means of comfort and the chance to witness some of the most incredible monuments ever created in the history of mankind. The Nile River Cruise is a vessel to a whole new dimension that dates back to more than 4500 years. The Nile River Cruise has always been the finest means of exploration since the beginning of the 19th century; it has always been the pinnacle of travel and exploration across the waters of the Nile between Luxor and Aswan.

When boarding, every traveler will get to experience the heavenly heritage, history, art, and culture of Egypt in the most magnificent manner. All the ancient temples and monuments of ancient Egypt will lead all every explorer to the essence of the Egyptian civilization and offer the chance to create the most beautiful memories of a lifetime.

How to Choose the Best Nile River Cruise

Nile River Cruise is known to have two types the showcases; the first type is the standard cruisre that offers a relaxing and comfortable vacation between Luxor and Aswan or vice versa at the most affordable prices such as the Queen Nefer Nile cruise, Movenpick Royal Lily, and the Rosetta Nile cruise, and more.

The second type is the Luxury Nile Cruises such as Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise, the Rosetta Nile cruise, Sonesta Nile Cruises, and more where every traveler will experience the holiday of a lifetime in the most luxurious fashion as every traveler will feel like a pharaoh and receive the complete 5* service of kings plus the most incredible and amazing accommodations and facilities with the means of entertainment.

How Many Days Are Enough to For A Nile River Cruise

It is known that a four days cruise is an ideal time to fully explore the wonders of Egypt but choosing a 7 days cruise will enable everyone to witness all the hidden treasures of Egypt. 4 to 7 days is the best option to tour across the heavens of upper Egypt in total comfort. The best time to book a cruise is from September to April where the climate is very comfortable and relaxing at an average temperature of 21 C (70 F)  during the winter, spring, and autumn.

The Best Attractions You Can Visit 

Every traveler will get the unique chance to explore a number of incredible attractions and monuments only to be seen in Egypt in and between Luxor and Aswan. Each one of the two cities of upper Egypt offers a rare perspective in the mindset, culture, art, and history of the ancient Egyptian more than 4500 years ago.

1. The Heavenly City of Luxor

The city of a Hundred gates is one of the world’s biggest open-air museums as Luxor or Thebes served as the capital of Egypt during the Middle Kingdom (1975-1640 BC) and the New Kingdom (1570-1050 BC). In it is a number of mesmerizing monuments that showcases a different kind of beauty and a whole new aspect of the ancient Egyptian Civilization such as:

The divine Karnak temples Complex home of the gods and goddess of ancient Egypt,  is known as Complex  Pr-In “House Of Amon” and Ipet-isu “The Most Selected Of Places“.

Nile River Cruise: City of Luxor
Nile River Cruise: City of Luxor.

It was constructed in 2055 BC during the middle kingdom (2040-1782 BC) during the rule of Senusret I during the 16th century BC. It was enlarged on several phases across history beginning with the new Kingdom (1570-1050 BC)  all the way to the Ptolemaic period (323-30 BC) that’s what is considered to be an ideal example of the progress of architecture across history.

It is filled with countless artifacts such as Hypostyle Hall which contains 134 gigantic columns reaching up to 80ft high and decorated with intricate hieroglyphics, and there is also the legendary Avenue of the Sphinxes. The complex served as the worship home of Theban triad the creator god God Amun, his wife Mut goddess of justice, harmony, and balance and their son Khnsou the moon god, plus many more such as Osiris, Ptah, and Isis.

The Beautiful Hatshepsut Temple is one of the most famous monuments ever built in the history of mankind which was carved within the mountain hillside. It is known to be Djeser-Djeseru “Holy of Holies” that was constructed to honor the memory of Queen Hatshepsut (1473 – 1458 BC) as one of the most successful rulers in the history of ancient Egyptian and to honor the creator god Amun.

2. The Immortal City of Aswan

The mythical city of Aswan is one of the oldest cities in the history of mankind known to be the southern frontier of Egypt where many temples were built to fully showcase the legendary beauty and greatness of ancient Egypt. Many great monuments were constructed in the legendary city of Aswan, including the Great Abu Simbel temples.

One of the most important festivals in Egypt is the sun festival takes place on the 22 of February and October of each year where the sun rays enter the darkroom of the temple and Shine on the faces of Ptah, Ra-Horakty, Amun, and Ramsess himself signifying his birthday and the beginning of winter. In the 60s the Abu Simbel Temples and Philae Temple was relocated to avoid the destruction of water floods of the new dam known as the Aswan High Dam with the help of UNESCO.

Another spectacle includes the miraculous Edfu Temple “House of Horus” which is located directly on the shores of the Nile which was constructed in the Ptolemaic period between 237 BC and 57 BC on the same spot that held the final battle between hours and his uncle Set.