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Casey Anthony has drink poured over her by love rival at West Palm Beach bar

Pictured, Thelma Moya West Palm Beach Florida woman pours drink on love rival, Casey Anthony.
Thelma Moya West Palm Beach throws drink on Casey Anthony love rival at Florida bar. Pictured ‘tot mom’n with daughter, Caylee over a decade ago.

Thelma Moya West Palm Beach, Florida woman pours drink on love rival, Casey Anthony after heated exchange. Both women used to date mystery man at same time. 

Casey Anthony, the woman acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter ten years ago, allegedly had a drink poured over her while at a West Palm Beach bar in Florida over the weekend.

Anthony called West Palm Beach cops while she was at O’Shea’s Irish Pub in the town.

The argument was apparently over a man the pair had both dated at the same time, only for ‘matters’ to devolve. 

Anthony told police that the woman, named as Thelma Moya, had poured a drink on her leg, according to a police report cited by TMZ

The alleged incident had initially been reported as someone throwing a drink in the face of another. Moya was not arrested or was even present by the time cops responded.

Thelma Moya West Palm Beach Fl
Pictured, Thelma Moya West Palm Beach Fl woman. Image via social media.

Former friend now love rivals

The pair’s argument was a longstanding one over their mutual former flame.   

Police advised Anthony to file a restraining order but turned down the option of doing so stating that she simply wanted the incident to be documented, the New York Post reported.

Anthony’s manager said that she won’t be pressing charges against Moya, who was supposedly a former friend. 

Anthony was also seen at the same West Palm Beach bar in 2018 and 2019. The identity of the male love interest was not publicly divulged.

Thelma Moya West Palm Beach Fl
Thelma Moya West Palm Beach Fl

Carefree existence despite widely reviled

The episode comes as Anthony was branded the most hated mom in America during her six-week trial in 2011. Despite her not being found guilty of the 2008 murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee, Anthony has spent years living in seclusion and a retaining a kind of pariah status – as many continue to believe the woman did in fact murder her baby despite the verdict – which many criticized for being errant and overlooking conflicting accounts. 

Casey has staunchly maintained she has no idea how the toddler died, telling the Associated Press that she does not ‘give a s***’ what people think of her and that she ‘sleeps pretty good at night’.

While admitting lying to the police, Anthony described herself as ‘one of the unfortunate idiots who admitted they lied’. 

Prosecutors had alleged that she was a party girl who had killed her daughter to live a carefree life free of parental responsibility, but a jury found her not guilty.  

Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail, but was released just weeks later, in July 2011, due to credit for time served. 

She was acquitted of murdering the child in 2011 and has since been living the good life and is often spotted hitting up happy hours at bars in Florida.