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How to Dress Like a True Equestrian

True Equestrian Dress
True Equestrian Dress: How to pick out the right horse riding gear.
True Equestrian Dress
True Equestrian Dress: How to pick out the right horse riding gear.

True Equestrian Dress: How to pick out the right horse riding gear and what you will have to keep in mind when riding on the saddle. 

Are you planning for horse riding? If so, there is unique clothing you need to wear to make your horse riding activity effective and safe. What you wear as an equestrian greatly impacts how you look on top of the horse. Also, the right clothing greatly impacts your overall riding and safety experience.

The good thing about equestrian fashion is that everything goes in hand with its comfortability, safety, and style. Before hopping into a horse, you have to make sure you have worn a helmet, long pants, boots with a heel, and a shirt that won’t get caught into the horse equipment. This article will discuss some of the important items to wear to become a true equestrian. Read on for the list.

    1. Riding Helmet

Before hopping into the horse, ensure you have worn a tight-fitting, SEI-certified helmet. Why a helmet? Many riders will hop into a horse without a helmet to catch on the view and maybe take pictures. Helmets come in handy since they protect your head from injuries when the horse topples over or when you suffer other accidents. Without them, you might suffer severe head injuries and, if worse, a traumatic brain injury. There are different types of horse riding helmets you can choose from. They come in different sizes, make, and comfortability and made of different materials. Choose one that fits comfortably and will protect your head.

   2. Paddock or Dress Boots

Are there special horse riding shoes? While you can ride a horse with normal hiking shoes, getting the designated horse riding boots is important. Why these boots? Dress or paddock boots have a distinctive heel that enables your feet to rest firmly through the stirrup. You can either choose ankle height paddock boots or knee-high shorts or dress boots to protect your legs. As stated at ayrequestrian.com/, these boots come in different colors, the main ones being black and brown. Most people will go with the brown color. You can choose yours depending on the color of your outfit. The boot you chose must be of high quality and must be comfortable on your feet. You can choose one with a zipper or laces, depending on personal preferences.  

   3. Breeches or Jodhpurs

Breeches and jodhpurs are the perfect pants for your horse riding. Other than the skinny, stretchy pants being in fashion, they prevent your clothing from getting entangled on the horse equipment during rides. These pant types are specifically designed for horse riding and feature a textured fabric on the inner leg and the seat, enabling the rider to better grip the saddle. There are not many differences between breeches and Jodhpurs. The major difference is that jodhpurs have a stirrup, which runs on the boot’s arch, holding the pants down. Breeches come plain. 

True Equestrian Dress
True Equestrian Dress: How to pick out the right horse riding gear.

To get the perfect fit for your horse riding adventure, it’s important trying them all. This idea enables you to find out the right fit that fits your needs and preferences. 

   4. Well-Fitting Shirt

There are not many specifications when it comes to choosing the right horse riding shirt. As long as the shirt fits you well, and it’s comfortable, you can use it for the ultimate horse riding experience. You only need to make sure the shirt doesn’t get tangled on the horse equipment. However, it is important getting a unique, durable, and nice-looking shirt to get the perfect shot. You can get several colors of the same materials to be wearing every time you go on this adventure. The shirt material should be absorbent and protect your upper body against the strong winds that come by during horse riding. Experts recommend avoiding tank tops since they don’t offer protection to the arms, especially in accidents.   

   5. Non-Chafing Underwear

It is important to select the right underwear for your horse riding experience. Pantyliners, chafing underwear, and other stylish clothing can cause discomfort during your horse riding.

Women can get some non-chafing compression shorts that are fitting, quick-drying, lightweight, and sweat absorbent. These shorts also have a seamless finishing; thus, you won’t have panty lines when horse riding.

Men can consider getting compression boxer shorts that are quick-drying, lightweight, super stretchy, and a comfortable waistband. Choosing the right underwear makes your horse riding experience much more comfortable and reduces inconveniences that arise when your bum rubs with the saddle. You can get this great underwear from your favorite clothing store or buy them online for an awesome riding experience. 

Other clothing that will make you a true equestrian include some durable riding gloves, half chaps to support your boots, horse riding jackets and vests, and an optional reflector jacket. What you wear greatly determines your comfort when horse riding. Always buy the listed clothing from reputable sellers.