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Can You Get a Degree in Pop Culture?

Pop Culture Degree Career Opportunities
Pop Culture Degree Career Opportunities that await you.
Pop Culture Degree Career Opportunities
Pop Culture Degree Career Opportunities that await you.

Pop Culture Degree Opportunities: What job and career opportunities can you expect if you get a degree in popular culture? Financing degree and master’s studies. 

If you are going to college, but are still uncertain about what you want to get a degree in out of the many different avenues available, you may want to consider a degree in pop culture. While it may seem like an odd choice of fields to study, it is definitely an emerging program that has a solid career potential. Here is a bit more about this exciting degree program.

Payment Options

The first thing you’ll need to have set in place before pursuing your pop culture degree is the method of payment. The best idea is to use up all of your free options first. Options such as grants and scholarships can provide funding without having to be paid back. The next best way to pay for your education is to apply for a student loan from a private lender. This will allow you to not only negotiate better repayment terms when compared to government-backed loans but will also help to achieve a positive relationship with a lender.


When it comes to long hours of studying, at least it could be spent taking part in something you have a passion for. Television will be a major subject that will make up your coursework. Such things as television economics, genre analysis, technological advancements in broadcasting, as well as the role that television has in shaping not only politics but life in general. The class also develops skills in media criticism that may be turned into a standalone career.

Film Studies

Similar to television studies, in these classes you will study the history of film, the importance of film in relation to cultural development as well as technological advancements within the film industry. While these classes may seem laissez-faire to some, they are actually quite rigorous and include a large amount of analysis combined with writing. A significant amount of movie viewing is required outside of the spectrum of regular class hours.

Theories of Criticism

Another aspect that you will study intensively is critical theory. This will explain the delicate positions of critiquing art and other media subjects that you did not create. Various critical concepts will be discussed as well as techniques of how to write and think about pop culture.

Pop Culture Degree Career Opportunities
Pop Culture Degree Career & Job Opportunities that await you.

Career Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, there are many career opportunities that can evolve from getting a degree in pop culture studies. With the advent of digital media, it is very easy to become a freelance journalist, media critic, professional blogger, or a plethora of occupations that take full advantage of the new digital world.

Master’s Degrees

In the event that you want to pursue a master’s degree after your initial 4-year bachelor’s program, it can be a worthwhile option. With digital media progressing at a breakneck speed, you can learn how to enter into such careers as social media marketing, public relations, market research analyst, as well as a specialist in multimedia. There are many other offerings as well. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the types of professions and opportunities that you can pursue.