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What is Vapers Tongue?

Vapers Tongue
What is Vapers Tongue & Should You be Concerned?
Vapers Tongue
What is Vapers Tongue & Should You be Concerned?

What is Vapers Tongue & Should You be Concerned? What is it, what causes it, how does it affect your health and how do you deal with it? 

The subject of vaping has been fraught with controversy over the past few years. Once some states in the USA began legalizing cannabis it became even more so, and further with the rising use of CBD products. A health scare not long ago linked a rash of lung diseases in younger people to vaping. However, these were directly connected to black market products that were not licensed. 

Hence our first piece of advice here: find a reputable online retailer who will sell you a guaranteed quality thick oil dab pen or another device that you can trust. Now, back to the title: what is vaper’s tongue? That’s what we’re here to talk about, so let’s get started.

About Vaper’s Tongue

We have to remember that vaping is still a pastime in its infancy. It’s no surprise, then, that problems and discoveries associated with vaping will crop up. Much has been written about ‘Vaper’s Tongue’. So what is it, and should you be worried?

Let’s clear up any worries first: vaper’s tongue is anything but serious. It is a term that covers a number of effects that vaping can have on the tongue and the mouth. Where smoking tobacco could indeed cause a variety of cancers, there’s no suggestion that vaping can, and vaper’s tongue is simply something that might happen.

As the safest way to consume cannabis vaping is becoming more popular, so it is inevitable that people will report strange feelings and occurrences they may relate to it. Vaper’s tongue may manifest as a change in the sensation you get when vaping. Mostly it involves a loss – or reduction – of taste or smell. There’s no need to worry as it will last no more than a few days, but it may help to get to the root of what is causing it, so let’s have a look some of the common causes of vaper’s tongue.

Vapers Tongue
Could prescriptive drugs be causing Vapers Tongue?

Prescription Drugs

Another common cause of vaper’s tongue is that of prescription drugs. Many of these can cause a dry mouth, which leads to the same problem as described above. There are also some such drugs that affect the glands in and around the mouth, thus affecting taste and smell.


Drink plenty of water and you may avoid vaper’s tongue as dehydration is among the most common causes of the problem. You may notice a white residue on the tongue. This is due to a high ratio of vaping to fluid intake. It will dull the taste. The solution is to make sure you drink plenty water – it’s as simple as that. In fact, this is a basic suggestion for general health as we need plenty of water intake anyhow.

Lack of Variation

If you vape one type of e-liquid or CBD product – or cannabis – only it can lead to your taste buds not being stimulated as they need to be. Too much of the same thing is a cause of vaper’s tongue (also known, especially in this case, as vaper’s fatigue) so vary your flavors if possible and you’ll see a difference.

How to Treat Vaper’s Tongue

As explained above this is not a serious condition, merely one that will lessen your enjoyment of the substances you are vaping. If you are vaping cannabis then check the legality of cannabis use in your city and state to be on the safe side.

If you do start to suffer from vaper’s tongue then take a break from vaping and drink plenty water, and you should feel the negative sensations lessening in a few days. Meanwhile, try vaping something new as a change is as good as a rest.