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Gorilla Glue Challenge leads to idiot going to ER after gluing Solo cup to face

Len Martin Gorilla Glue challenge
Len Martin Gorilla Glue challenge
Len Martin Gorilla Glue challenge
Len Martin Gorilla Glue challenge becomes a viral fail.

Len Martin Gorilla Glue challenge leads to a Louisiana man having to go to ER after using the super adhesive to glue a cup to his face after not believing Tessica Brown’s story.

Because there’s always an idiot. Or two…

‘I thought I could lick it off’. Los Angeles man has ended up in the emergency room after doing the ‘Gorilla Glue Challenge,’ inspired by the Louisiana woman who sprayed permanent adhesive all over her hair and required the assistance of a plastic surgeon to remove it

Len Martin, who is also originally from Louisiana, was convinced that Tessica Brown was lying about the Gorilla Glue incident, and her hair was not — as she claimed — ‘immovably and frighteningly stuck to her head,’ with no relief in sight after a month of being stuck with the adhesive. 

To prove his hunch, Martin bought some Gorilla Glue of his own, (yes kids, take notes here, this is the Charled Darwin award for evolution for free) using it to stick a red plastic ‘Solo’ cup to his face — only to realized he couldn’t get the item off his face.

Bingo! You go straight to jail. Do not pass go.

What could possibly go wrong?

Martin’s ‘ambitious feat’ follows that of Brown, 40, who became a viral sensation when she ran out of Göt2b Glued Spray hairspray and substituted it with Gorilla Glue, a highly-adhesive glue, not meant to be used on people.

Despite the woman washing her hair 15 times, trying an at-home acetone treatment, cutting off her ponytail, along with also visiting the ER — the adhesive would not come out.

She ultimately had to fly to Los Angeles to meet with plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng, who spent four hours using a custom mix of medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and acetone in order to dissolve the Gorilla Glue.

Despite Brown’s story — and warnings from Gorilla Glue that its product should not be used on skin or hair — Martin, an aspiring rapper, was sure that he’d be able to remove the red plastic cup from his face easily. 

A video Martin posted on Facebook shows him applying the adhesive to the ring of the plastic cup, then fitting it over his nose. 

The video cuts off there, before Martin tries to remove it — but he included a photo to show what happened next.

The image shows Martin in a hospital, the cup still over his nose and a mask covering his mouth. 


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‘I thought I could lick it off’

‘I thought that chick with the gorilla glue was making that story up…but no..its real… I dont kno why I tried it..now they talking bout cutting the tip of my lips off in surgery…yall pray for me [sic],’ he wrote, adding the hashtag #gorrilagluechallenge

Cause kids, trying is believing…

Speaking to WKBN, Martin said: ‘I thought she was just playing around because I didn’t think it was that serious.

‘I actually tried it out before and it actually didn’t do anything for me… So I was like, “Okay, she’s lying” and there are all these challenges going on so I was like, “Okay I’m going to try it,’ and it went backwards. 

‘I thought I could lick it off kind of to moisten it and pull it right off but that didn’t work,’ he added.

Doctors managed to remove the cup, but it did involve ‘painful peeling.’ 

Len Martin Gorilla Glue challenge
Len Martin Gorilla Glue challenge. Fame at any price.

Fame at any price

Martin now has to keep his lip covered to allow the skin to heal and may have to get the tip of his lip surgically removed.

Martin reportedly has a history of participating in viral challenges. Last year, he appeared on “The Dr. Oz Show” to talk about the harmful effects of the “Ice Cream Challenge,” in which social media users licked grocery store ice cream and returned it to the shelf.

Martin is now warning others not to try the Gorilla Glue Challenge. 

‘This is definitely not one to try. Let’s just stop this now… It’s very harmful,’ he said.

There doesn’t seem to be too much risk of others giving it a go, as most social media users tweeting about the #GorillaGlueChallenge are begging others not to do it. 

‘I’m highkey concerned gen z will start a gorilla glue challenge now, the same way they were eating tide pods a few years back,’ wrote one user.

‘If a gorilla glue challenge start happening I’m losing faith in humanity,’ wrote another.

Most people, it seems, have taken Brown’s experience as sufficient warning not to try it at home. Do you suppose?