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Pennsylvania girl, 14, stabs sister, 19, in wheelchair to death

Claire Miller Manheim Township PA
Claire Miller Manheim Township PA teen stabs older wheelchair bound sister to death.
Claire Miller Manheim Township
Pictured, Claire Miller Manheim Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania teen girl

Claire Miller Manheim Township Pennsylvania teen girl, 14, stabs sister, 19, in wheelchair to death. No known motive. 

A 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl is reported to have stabbed her wheelchair-bound 19-year-old sister to death in the early hours of Monday morning.  

Claire Miller called 911hysterically’ shortly after 1 a.m. Monday, repeating, ‘I stabbed my sister,’ according to prosecutors and an affidavit obtained by Lancaster Online.

When cops arrived at the one-story rancher in an upscale Manheim Township neighborhood, they saw Claire — wearing blood-stained pants — appearing to wash her hands in the snow. 

The teen directed officers to a bedroom where they found Helen Marie Miller, 19, with a stab wound to her neck, prosecutors said.

Helen used a wheelchairaccording to WHTM-TV.

Elder sister was wheelchair bound, had cerebral palsy and was non-verbal

Officers found a blood-stained pillow over Helen’s face, Lancaster Online reported, citing the affidavit.

When they pulled the pillow back, they found a large knife in her neck above her chest, the affidavit said.

She was lying on her back, with her hands up near her head, according to the document.

Officers and EMS personnel attempted to resuscitate Helen, but to no avail.

She was pronounced dead at 4:13 a.m.

In the comments section of a Lancaster Online story on Facebook, commenters have written that Helen had cerebral palsy and was non-verbal.

Upon her arrest, Claire was charged as an adult because homicide is not considered a juvenile delinquent act in Pennsylvania, according to prosecutors.

Claire Miller Manheim Township PA
Claire Miller Manheim Township PA teen, 14, stabs older sister, Helen Miller, 19, (pictured)to death.
Claire Miller Manheim Township PA
Pictured, Claire Miller Lancaster, PA, older sister in wheelchair, Helen Miller.

No known motive

It appears that the stabbing happened when the girl’s parents were asleep.

‘When I heard about this I was almost instantly upset about it myself over the details that had been related to me,’ Manheim Township Police Chief Tom Rudzinski told WHTM.

‘The investigators are going to be asking those types of questions, conducting those interviews of everybody that was involved, and trying to determine a timeline exactly what that would have led to this awful event,’ Rudzinski reiterated. 

Of note, Claire is one of the youngest people in the county to be charged with homicide, according to Lancaster Online.

The last time a teen was charged with homicide in Lancaster County was in October 2019.

Prosecutors said no known motive to Monday’s stabbing was immediately clear.