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Accused of A Crime You Did Not Commit? Here’s What You Should Do

hiring criminal defense attorney
Accused of a crime you didn't commit? Hiring the right criminal defense attorney.
hiring criminal defense attorney
Accused of a crime you didn’t commit? Hiring the right criminal defense attorney.

Accused of A Crime You Did Not Commit? Here’s What You Should Do. How Knowing your rights, hiring the right criminal defense attorney will bring you justice. 

Being accused of a crime you did not commit can incite a lot of feelings all at once. It’s a devastating accusation to take when you wholeheartedly know you’re innocent. However, this delicate subject needs thorough contemplation and leaves no room for outbursts. Therefore, it’s best to know your rights and alibi and take the necessary steps to set the record straight. Read on to learn what to do if you’re wrongfully accused of a crime. 

Know Your Rights

When you’re wrongfully accused of criminal activity, it’s important that you don’t mishandle the situation out of anger or fear. Try to remain calm and learn exactly what your rights are. You don’t have to speak to anyone, give any statements, or answer to anyone. You do have the right to speak to a lawyer or have one be present during any interaction or interrogation with law enforcement.

Understanding your civil rights will ensure you proceed with caution and get proper legal advice from an attorney. If law enforcement tries to revoke your rights such as refusing your right to contact your lawyer, they won’t be able to use any evidence they have against you should you go to court. 

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney 

Being wrongfully accused is devastating for you and your family which is why you need to hire a criminal defense attorney immediately to start preparing your case. It’s an extremely stressful time for you which is why if you are charged with a criminal offence, New Jersey-based criminal lawyers explain that hiring the right lawyer is paramount. You need a lawyer that is adamant about proving your innocence no matter how persistent prosecutors are. The right lawyers do everything lawfully possible to ensure that your life isn’t impacted by this conviction any more than it is. 

Don’t Make Any Statements 

Your guilt has not yet been established, even after the accusation of being charged with a crime. It may be tempting to reach out to the media or any social platform to prove your innocence; however, this could be held against you in court. You’ll be doing more for your reputation in the long run by avoiding statements. You can vent at home to family members, trusted loved ones, and your attorney so long as you avoid publicly defending yourself.  

hiring criminal defense attorney

Demand a Search Warrant 

Don’t allow your property to be searched without first asking to see a search warrant. If law enforcement attempts to search your house or car, you have the right to stop their investigation without a search warrant. Note that a search warrant must be permitted and signed by a judge and should provide clear details regarding what law enforcement is allowed to investigate on your property. 

Avoid Confronting Your Accuser 

The implications of this situation can incite a lot of frustration, hurt, and anger, prompting you to want to confront your accuser and hash it out. However, this isn’t the best course of action, whether or not your accuser will be cooperative. Avoid having any form of communication with the person and leave it to your lawyer. The last thing you want is for the confrontation to go awry, leading to bigger problems in court. 

Gather Evidence and Record Your Alibi 

You need to focus your attention on proving your innocence; hence, you must gather all evidence that supports your alibi as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter whether or not legal action has been taken against you, you always want to be prepared with an alibi and evidence to back it up. Moreover, you must immediately seek out witness information to support your alibi such as testimonies and evidence that proves your innocence. Note that all this information must be recorded and securely stored to ensure it doesn’t get erased or lost. 

Don’t Represent Yourself in Court 

Aside from making public statements, you don’t want to defend yourself in court either. People who represent themselves in court risk receiving a guilty verdict. Always have a lawyer represent you in court as they are better informed on the legal process. Even in simple cases, it’s best to make your life easier and avoid adding the burden that will likely reduce your chances of being acquitted.

One of the most crucial steps to take following an accusation is to hire the right criminal defense attorney. Refer back to this guide to ensure your law enforcement doesn’t infringe upon your rights. Finally, don’t worry about your reputation and focus on gathering all the evidence needed to support your alibi.