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Missing Sun Tan Valley woman found in critical condition in Indiana reservation 6 days after disappearance

Jess Goodwin Gilbert Arizona missing woman.
Jess Goodwin Gilbert Arizona missing woman.
Jessica Goodwin missing Sun Tan Valley Arizona
Jessica Goodwin missing. Pictured Sun Tan Valley, Arizona woman who was found alive after going missing in the desert. Image via Facebook.

Jessica Goodwin missing Sun Tan Valley Arizona found alive after abruptly disappearing just on six days as questions remain. No suspects or arrests. 

How did she end up where she did? A missing Arizona woman has been found in a critical condition, six days after disappearing from her home, on an Indian reservation.  

Jessica Goodwin, 28, of Sun Tan Valley was reported missing on January 11 after calling out sick from her job as a chiropractor.

She vanished from her home in Gilbert, which is on the outskirts of Phoenix, leaving behind her dog, and was last seen in surveillance footage in her white 2013 Volkswagen Jetta, driving away from a car wash which was the last place she used her credit card

The car was found near the car wash on Thursday night but there was no sign of her AZ Family reported.

Come Sunday afternoon, police discovered Jessica after tracing her cell phone signal to the Gila River Indian Reservation, a desert-like area some 30 miles from her home.

No foul play suspected 

The recovered woman who had been exposed to the desert just under a week was airlifted to hospital. It remained unclear what type of injuries she’d suffered.

Authorities said Goodwin suffered ‘severe dehydration’ while noting her condition was improving. 

To date no suspects have been cited nor any arrests been made. No foul play was suspected while Goodwin’s abrupt disappearance continued to remain a mystery. 

In a statement on Facebook on Sunday night, Pinellas County Sheriff said: ‘Phone records led PCSO Detectives and Search and Rescue to an area of land on the Gila River Indian Community. 

‘During their search, Goodwin was spotted around 4:45 Sunday evening.

‘She is currently in critical condition and is being airlifted to an area hospital.’ 

Sheriff Mark Lamb added: ‘This is the outcome we have all been hoping and praying for. 

Jessica Goodwin missing Sun Tan Valley Arizona
Jessica Goodwin missing. Pictured, Sun Tan Valley Arizona woman found. Images via Facebook.

Questions unanswered 

‘I commend our Detectives and our Search and Rescue team for their commitment and attention to detail.’ 

Police previously said Goodwin vanished in ‘abnormal’ circumstances but have given no further details.  

Her friends and family raised the alarm after she failed to show up at work on January 11. 

When her car was found near the car wash, they became even more worried. 

‘The location of where her car was, was not where she would have taken it.

‘Even if she was going to go back here for a 30-minute drive, she would take her dog,’ her friend Chandler Stork told Fox 10 last week. 

He said her disappearance was completely out of character. 

‘These behaviors, which is why we are so worried because it’s completely unlike her. 

‘If she does go somewhere to clear her mind, she’ll take her dog for sure. 

‘If she’s going to go for a drive, a 20 or 30-minute one, she’s going to bring her dog. 

‘If she goes out of town, she brings her dog. She never leaves her dog for longer than a night,’ he said.

Told Stork prior to Goodwin’s recovery, ‘She never just goes completely contact-less with everyone, and a cell phone off for days.’ 

It’s unclear if Goodwin is married or single. Police have not clarified whether or not they are looking for suspects.