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UPS Karen refuses to leave over mask policy, calls store her private residence

UPS Karen face mask
UPS Karen face mask drama. Pictured, unidentified woman.
UPS Karen face mask
UPS Karen face mask drama. Pictured, unidentified woman.

UPS Karen refuses to leave over face mask policy, calls store her private residence as anti masker insists she doesn’t need to wear mask cause she is not a conformist. 

And it continues. A new video has surfaced showing yet another individual — this time a customer at a UPS store — refusing to comply with public health concerns over mask policy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

TikTok user @asapvick uploaded a series of clips on Tuesday, depicting a white woman in an Under Armour sweatshirt, since dubbed ‘Karen,’ (a pejorative expression used to define a white woman exercising white privilege) arguing with store employees and another customer, and demanding that they hand over her packages.

When the other customer tells the woman that she is holding her up, the unidentified woman instead blames the delay on a worker, then orders the customer to stop recording her.

When the customer refuses, UPS Karen responds, saying; ‘this is a private residence, and actually I’m restricting your recording. And so therefore, you are not allowed to do that.’

The person shooting the video is not swayed by the woman’s arguments, and one of the workers stresses that ‘this is nobody’s residence.’

@asapvickTikTok deleted my 1st post for “bullying and harassment” but this lady was clearly bullying and harassing the customers and employees ##fyp ##karen♬ original sound – user3956118882139

‘I’m not a conformist’ 

The woman tries to dispute that claim by pointing out that she had received three packages at the UPS store, which apparently in her mind makes it her residence.

The situation escalates after the other customer asks ‘Karen’ where her face mask is.

‘My mask?’ the surprised woman responds. ‘I’m not a conformer. Why are you wearing one?’

The customer replies that she is wearing a mask to protect those around her from COVID, to which the woman says that she’s already had the illness in December 2019.

The first documented case of the coronavirus in the US was reported on January 20. 

The woman then demands to speak to a manager and asks where her packages are.

Who is she? 

The store manager tells the increasingly agitated woman that she must go outside after refusing to obey the business’ social distancing rules, or wear a mask.

‘No one is helping you until you step outside,’ the employee tells the clearly agitated woman.

More back and forth ensues, as ‘Karen’ calls the masked customers inside the store ‘conformists’ and doubles down on her claim that the UPS location is her ‘private property.’

Eventually, police are called to the scene and an officer attempts to explain to the anti-masker that the management of the UPS store has the right to tell her to leave.

It is unclear where the incident took place. The maskless woman has not been identified.