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US military employee w/ COVID faces 10 years jail over German bar crawl

Yasmin Adli US military employee
Pictured, Yasmin Adli US military employee at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort worker at Germany's Garmisch-Partenkirchen district.
Yasmin Adli US military employee
Pictured, Yasmin Adli US military employee at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort worker at Germany’s Garmisch-Partenkirchen district.

Yasmin Adli US military employee from Florida identified as Edelweiss Lodge and Resort worker at Germany’s Garmisch-Partenkirchen with coronavirus who infected 23 individuals during pub crawl. 

A female employee at a U.S. military vacation lodge in Germany — thought to be responsible for passing on the coronavirus to at least 23 individuals, while also exposing more than 710 people, has been identified as a 26 year old Florida native. The revelation comes as the worker now faces ten years jail for going on a bar crawl that led to the mass contractions.

Yasmin Adli had gone out partying for several nights in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, despite conceding having a sore throat. The woman who had returned from a recent vacation to Greece insists she wasn’t aware that she was infected, while admitting she’d gone out before the return of her COVID test results.

In a screenshot of a text message allegedly sent by Adli to other co-workers who partied with her on several nights in the lead-up to her positive test, she thanked them all for coming to her ‘rona party’ while also claiming, ‘I didn’t know I had the rona when we went out’.

A former employee claimed Adli also remained working at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort before she tested positive, even setting up a conference for US military top brass about preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The former employee claimed, however, that the blame was not entirely on the resort worker but on the hotel which encouraged a ‘culture of concealment’ that overlooked flaunting of the quarantining rules.

‘One last blow-out,’

Adli faces potential jail time after infecting at least 23 others and exposing more than 710 people to the virus through her partying after the Greece trip in early September, German media reports

On Tuesday it was reported authorities had recorded three more COVID-19 infections in people who frequented bars visited by Adli, who works at the Defense department owned Edelweiss Lodge and Resort.

The location is an Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) Resorts that serve members of the U.S. Armed Forces, their families and other authorized users.

Adli is said to have visited the Peaches bar on September 3 and the Irish Pub in Garmisch on September 4.

According to a report via the dailymail, a source said a strong drinking culture was fostered at the resort, with employees having, ‘one last blow-out,’ with friends once their contracts come to an end.

On the night Adli visited Peaches, they claimed that a large group of staff were leaving and she kissed several other employees. At this time, she was said to be feeling too sick to return to work.

She had also worked in the hotel upon her return, serving guests and staff in the hotel’s Cafe and setting up conference rooms until the day she went for a coronavirus test which have since come back positive. 

Yasmin Adli US military employee
Yasmin Adli US military employee cellphone text

Hotel fostered culture of concealment? 

The resort has now shut down for two weeks. 

Despite notice of staff infections, guests were still allowed to check into the hotel and not told about the outbreak.

Reports claim guests only being told they would need to check out again on Sunday.

Infected parties allege that the hotel knew staff were traveling to restricted countries such as Greece and that others had taken the trip before Adli.

‘Management at the hotel have been criminally negligent throughout the pandemic and have fostered the dangerous culture which enables their employees to remain unconcerned about the ramifications of this virus,’ the former employee added.

‘When the current situation came to light, ELR management quickly scrambled to begin covering themselves and protect the image of the hotel,’ they explained.

Yasmin Adli US military employee
Pictured, Yasmin Adli US military employee.

‘Reckless behavior’

‘They quickly pulled about 80% of the staff from working stations – where many were actively serving employees – and forced them back to their rooms while local testing officials were brought on base to begin a sweep of the quarantined individuals.’

Claims were made that even as test results came in, only those who tested positive were told with others being left in their rooms for hours, some in a room with a person who would then test positive.

The hotel then issued a message to staff in which some were accused of ‘reckless behavior’.

‘Their silence in the matter is forcing all the German press to look at this – admittedly dangerously negligent – woman,’ the staff member said.

Adli has since deleted her social media profiles, a source confirmed.

The latest cases recorded Tuesday take the total number of recent infections in the town to 59, including 25 staff at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, which is reserved for members of the American military, their families and veterans.

Offered, lawyer Arndt Kempgens: ‘From the point of view of conditional intent, this can even lead to criminal liability for wilful and dangerous bodily harm according to Section 224 of the Criminal Code. The sentence ranges from 6 months to 10 years in prison.’

District Office spokesman Wolfgang Rotzsche added: ‘If the woman has actually consciously accepted this risk, then she should also be legally prosecuted.’

US Army spokesman Donald Wrenn told Bild: ‘For US civilian employees, the Bavarian regulations for the prevention of infectious diseases apply, just like for every German citizen.

A model case of stupidity’

‘The US Army in Bavaria keeps its soldiers and civilians as well as the Bavarian ordinances with regard to limiting the spread of the virus to a high standard. Any violation of these regulations would be inconsistent with our behavior and our efforts to keep our communities safe.

‘Our main focus is currently on the thorough and precise identification of contact persons as well as additional tests to limit the possible spread of COVID-19.’

Anton Speer, who heads the county administration, told reporters Tuesday that authorities are still waiting for the results of about 300 tests conducted Monday and it was too soon to give the ‘all-clear.’

Bavaria’s governor, Markus Soeder, called the outbreak in Garmisch-Partenkirchen ‘a model case of stupidity’ because the American had gone partying despite having COVID-19 symptoms and awaiting a test result.

Soeder had said ‘such recklessness must have consequences’ and suggested the woman could receive a stiff fine.

Breaching quarantine rules can result in fines of up to 2,000 euros ($2,375), but further penalties and liability for damages are possible if others become infected or businesses suffer economic harm as a result.

Officials had yet to decide what punishment to met out to Adli as it continued to assess infections and damages, while the US military also conducted its own internal review.

The Edelweiss resort has vacation cabins and 258 rooms and suites. it remains unclear how many people had been staying there over the past two weeks.

Germany’s disease control center on Tuesday reported 1,407 new cases across the country in the past day, with close to 267,000 cases and 9,449 deaths