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Go back to Mexico: Los Angeles Karen smashes neighbor’s car with hammer

Racist Karen of Chatsworth
Pictured, Racist Karen of Chatsworth, Los Angeles. Screen grab of Edy Perez GoFundme page.
Racist Karen of Chatsworth aka Mary Lee Leong
Pictured, Racist Karen of Chatsworth, Los Angeles aka Mary Lee Leong. Screen grab of Edy Perez GoFundme page.

Racist Karen of Chatsworth, Los Angeles smashes neighbor Edy Perez’s car with hammer. Video goes viral after Mary Lee Leong goes on violent racist tirade.

Here we go again. Video has surfaced showing a seemingly crazed woman repeatedly hitting a car with a hammer in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the incident took place in Chatsworth, a neighborhood in LA, and the video was shared on June 13.

Social media purports the identity of the woman in video footage to be 72 year old Chatsworth woman, Mary ‘Lee’ Leong.

The video was posted under the Twitter handle of @superduperedy by Edy Perez, who in their post explained that they are the woman’s neighbor and the owner of the vehicle in the video.

Writes Perez: ‘Bruh I hate racist ppl so much .. Im all the way in Miami while this dumbassbihh in LA fucking my car up .. all cuz she racist and dont like us.’ 

Since the clip was shared on Saturday, it has received over 2.8 million views, 42,400 retweets and 104,000 likes.

 ‘Go back to Mexico.’

The clip starts by showing the woman, who is holding two hammers, hitting a parked vehicle by the sidewalk. Viewers only see the woman hit the car twice with the hammer; however, the exterior of the car is riddled with dents.

After the woman stops striking the car, she walks up to the individual taking the video (identified as Perez’s sister) with hammers in hand. During the video, the woman makes the following statements: ‘Get the f*** out of this neighborhood’ and ‘Go back to Mexico.’

Video shows the ‘agitated’ woman storm off after being told by Perez that they are on the phone with police only for her to re appear moments later repeatedly hitting a garbage retainer next to Perez’s lawn.

But there’s more.

Racist Karen history of verbal abuse

Perez shared another video of the Los Angeles Karen embroiled in physical confrontation with what is thought to be another neighbor. The neighbor is heard calling LA Karen a racist. 

Perez spoke to TMZ and said that he and his roommates moved into the house next door to the woman in the video early last year. Perez told the celebrity outlet that she has been using racial slurs toward him and his roommates since they moved in.

According to his tweet, Perez is currently in Miami. He told TMZ that his sister heard banging outside when she was at his LA home. She went outside and saw the woman hitting the car with two hammers ‘for no reason at all.’

Latest suburban white woman to lash out on minorities in America

Perez said the woman was arrested after the incident but was released a day later because of COVID-19. TMZ confirmed with the LA County Sheriff’s Office that a woman with the same name was arrested and released less than 24 hours later, but the sheriff’s office did not confirm if it was the same individual as the woman in the video.

Perez has made a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for repairs to his car. Perez wrote, “This Racist woman smashes my car in with two hammers for no reason. I don’t have full coverage insurance for my car so anything will help. She was arrested but later let go due to covid. Help fund me for repair or lawyer fees.”

By Saturday night, Perez had already raised over $7,480.

The racist Karen of Chatsworth episode is the latest of incidents involving middle to older ‘suburban women’ disparaging persons of color, or minority status and lashing into their personhood and at times threatening them harm or to call police on them. The episodes are the all more poignant following the recent eruption of national demonstrations following the death of a black suspect in police custody- as the US is forced to once again question how deeply systemic racism is ingrained in society….