Home Scandal and Gossip Arizona Karen lawyer husband blames mental illness for ‘indefensible’ gas station attack

Arizona Karen lawyer husband blames mental illness for ‘indefensible’ gas station attack

Bob Harrian, Tamara Harrian lawyer husband of Harrian Law Firm.
Bob Harrian, Tamara Harrian lawyer husband of Harrian Law Firm.

Tamara Harrian lawyer husband, Bob Harrian blames mental illness for his wife, Arizona Karen’s ‘indefensible’ gas station attack on Native American woman, Karina Rodriguez.

When it’s time to put out a public relations apology…

The lawyer husband of the Arizona ‘Karen’ who was slapped by a Native American whom she told to ‘go back to Mexico’ during a confrontation at a Phoenix Shell gas station has tearfully apologized for the ‘indefensible’ slur — blaming it on mental illness.

‘Karina, I don’t know what to say. I’m just so sorry,’ Bob Harrian told Fox 10 Phoenix in a direct appeal to Karina Rodriguez of Phoenix, the woman who slapped his wife, Tamara, during the weekend meltdown caught in a now-viral video (see below).

‘I’m just so sorry that this happened. You never walked into that store thinking something like this was going to happen,’ he said, as the distraught husband (please don’t force my law practice to go out of business….) he sought help for his wife’s mental health problems.

‘I understand, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what she said. It was very hateful. It was — it’s indefensible,’ he told Fox 10.

Alarming signs of paranoia?

‘But I just have to tell you this: It’s her mental illness. A year ago, she would … never have even thought of that,’ he insisted of his wife, who had falsely claimed to be the store manager during the fight.

The lawyer was so concerned for his wife that he called out a crisis management team that interviewed her for more than an hour, he told the station, which said it confirmed the visit.

His wife, Tamara Harrian, had started showing alarming signs of paranoia — making up wild stories — following a break-in at their home last year, he said.

He hopes it may be the wake-up call to get help for his wife.

‘She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her…’

‘This is your spouse you have known and loved for 30 years and she is starting to slip away. And you are trying to get her help but you can’t get her help because she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with her,’ he told 12 News in a separate interview.

Harrian also returned to the Phoenix Shell station where the confrontation happened to apologize to staff and customers — and told Fox 10 he has no plans to sue Rodriguez for the slap.

‘My heart hurts. When I left I cried a lot, it makes me very sad that this is happening,’ Karina Rodriguez said in a Spanish interview with Telemundo. ‘She came very authoritatively as if she were status in which we will have to serve her, a level that we did not have.’

Karina Rodriguez who slapped Bob Harrian wife
Pictured, Karina Rodriguez of Phoenix who slapped Bob Harrian wife, Tamara at a Shell gas station following racist outburst.

Arizona Karen now banned

In a since released statement, Superpumper which runs the gas station outlet where the weekend confrontation occurred put out a statement saying, ‘The woman shown in the video is NOT and never has been a manager, employee, or owner at Superpumper.’

While adding, ‘She has been banned from all our locations.’

‘Superpumper does not condone any type of racist or hate speech in any of our stores or offices.

We strive to provide a peaceful, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere for all customers and employees.’

The ‘Karen’ moniker has increasingly has become a trending social media hash-tag for white women who call the cops on black people over harmless incidents.

The weekend incident parallels that of investment banker, Amy Cooper recently making false claims of being threatened by a black birdwatcher in NYC’s Central Park after having been asked to keep her dog on a leash. Viral video of that episode led to the woman, ‘Central Park Karen’ being fired from her $170K job at Franklin Templeton.