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Your Guide on how to Gamble Responsibly

How to gamble responsibly
How to gamble responsibly. Stock image.
How to gamble responsibly
How to gamble responsibly. Stock image.

Your guide on how to gamble responsibly: Gaming comes with risks, but there are ways to stay within limits, laws & getting professional help.

How to Play Responsibly

Predicting the outcome of an event and winning some cash is thrilling and creates an unparalleled feeling. While gaming can be a great source of entertainment, it is highly addictive and can ruin your financial goals. Fortunately, many countries have stringent laws and measures to promote responsible gaming. Find out the importance of responsible gaming and the best ways to stick to the guidelines.

What Is Playing Responsibly?

Casino games offer exciting gaming opportunities that even the strongest willed people have a hard time resisting. Since it is addictive, the bookmakers often put measures in place to ensure gamers enjoy the games responsibly. When you start selling assets to finance your gambling habits, the law will step in to ensure you do not gamble your way into bankruptcy. 

The popular belief is that betting sites are out to rinse out every penny you have. However, the bookmakers encourage responsible gaming so that they can continue spending money on the websites. Responsible gaming allows gamers to manage their finances well, improving the outlook of online casinos in the society. 

The Best Way to Play Responsibly

Online casino sites have joined forces with the government to ensure gamers are not digging themselves into debts. However, not all websites are law-abiding, and some casinos are only concerned about making cash. That is why players are encouraged to play casino games from licensed sites. Government bodies regulate licensed casinos to ensure the safety of the players. The regulated sites have the following measures in place to promote responsible gambling:


Many casinos offer options for customers to set limits. You can limit the time you play every day to 15 minutes, and the casino will notify you when it is time to stop. It would be best if you also considered setting a budget for betting. For instance, you should not dip into your savings account for gambling cash. It is also prudent to play with small amounts that you can afford to lose by setting a daily limit for bets and winnings. The restrictions only work if you play on a single site. 


Licensed casinos offer gamers an option to self-exclude from wagering for some time if they feel they have gambling-related problems. It gives them time to cool off, set their priorities straight before resuming any gaming activities.

How to Test Yourself

Since it is easy to get carried away with non-stop wagering, you should be on the lookout for signs that you are developing gambling-related problems. If you have failed to control your gambling habits, take a gambling risk test to determine your risk level. Numerous sites like the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) provide screening tools to evaluate your problem and seek treatment.

Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen (BBGS) and NODS-SA administer surveys to help determine whether to seek a formal evaluation or help for gambling habits. Anyone with a gaming addiction can contact bodies like GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous for professional help in dealing with the problem. While GamCare is for UK residents, they can recommend international support organizations.