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Adding tech to anything means taking people away

digitization shifting real world online
Digitization shifting real world online. Stock image.
digitization shifting real world online
Digitization shifting real world online. Stock image.

How digitization shifted things we used to do in the real world to online. How artificial intelligence changed or eliminated many bricks and mortar industries – but at what cost?

Digitization shifting real world online: The 21st century is the era of technology. Technologies progress with immense speed. The time has speeded up and it becomes very hard to catch up with the development and to simply synchronize with this crazy rhythm. 

In the era of technologies and technological progress, the main focus is to make the lives of people simpler. The technologies are now in almost every field and in everyone’s house. The smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives. Those are the gadgets that we depend on the most and contain huge amounts of information. 

Digitalization mode is one. This is what our modern life looks like. The digital platforms, digital connections, digital work, learning and many more. Almost every sphere has adapted to the digitization process, otherwise, they simply will not survive. The reason is simple. With digitalization, everything becomes easier and more affordable, both for the customer and the companies. 

digitization shifting real world online
Digitization shifting real world online: Apple Watch mockup: mobile applications you can see come to life.

Digital world 

Technologies have been introduced to every single industry. And this is not a surprise. Technologies are part of our daily life and no one can disagree, as this is a fact. They have intervened in every sector and thus we have adapted to them and not on the opposite. The moment we accepted development and tech enhancement, we accepted “cookies” that come with the process. 

Everything that is land-based can be transformed into an online platform. There are plenty of examples of that. Basically, everything which was old school and has transformed into the modern outlook is called startups right now. 

Industries such as transportation, tourism, gambling, shopping, restaurants, deliveries, even trading are online. Everything that you can find in a brick and mortar style you can also find online, or create yourself. The tendency of digitalization makes our lives comfortable. We no longer have to go to the tourism agencies in order to book our tickets. We no longer need to stand in the street to catch a taxi. We no longer need to sit in the restaurant, while we can enjoy the food at home with the delivery service. 

A particular focus would be the gambling industry simply because of how much they’ve used automation at this point. Thanks to the nature of this sector, it was extremely easy to digitize everything that was ever considered as a game of chance.

However, due to restricting regulation all over the world, most digital casinos had to rely on small teams in order to remain profitable. Unfortunately, these small teams were often not enough to handle the demand that the platforms would often face, thus the decision to delve into AI. A typical 12-people technical team for a digital casino was reduced to just 2-3 where one person would overlook the AI software, while another would conduct hardware maintenance.

This was first undertaken by new German online casinos simply due to the local laws. It was becoming extremely hard for casinos to hire German citizens thus they were forced to either outsource or delve into AI software. Naturally, they chose the latter as it was much more cost-effective.

Unfortunately, though, this brought unwanted attention as the trend for massive layoffs alerted the local regulators which quickly shut down the operations or forced them outside of the country.

digitization shifting real world online
Digitization shifting real world online: Forget bricks and mortars, welcome to the artificial world; anyone got their favorite video game they like to play?

Technologies can save us in hard times 

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, almost every non-essential business is closed all over the world. This is a huge hit for every business and every industry. The government encourages people to stay home and thus avoid any further spread of Covid-19. The epidemic has been announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization at the beginning of March. Since then, almost every country has closed its borders in order to manage an extremely severe situation. 

While the whole world is in quarantine and basically the Earth is closed, people are staying home for safety purposes. What can you do at home? Probably not much, but everything you can is run around, spend some time with your family or alone with yourself and of course surf the endless internet. This is perhaps one of the best resections in the quarantine time. 

While most of the land businesses are now shut down, the online industry flourishes. This is because almost 70% of the whole world’s population is at home and is on the internet. Consequently, the businesses that were based online somewhere in the net between three w-s, are now living their best lives. The technological development has made the quarantine mode way easier. Every business that managed to adapt to the situation changed to the online sphere as well. 

While the land-based casinos are closed, the online casinos are the ones having the record number of visitors. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most of the events are canceled or postponed. Thus the companies and organizations decided to hold the live championships. Formula 1 is holding the VR championship for fans and many music events are live streaming. The world is changing and it is becoming digitalized because of natural demand. 

And what about people? 

While the digitization process is a great process, with great technological advancement and it makes the lives of many people way easier and cheerful, one big question remains. And where are the people? Technologies VS people

One big disadvantage or maybe even sacrifice for the digitization process is labor. All of the people that are needed in the whole process are the developers, the creators and basically the ones that are standing behind the tech industry. 

When it comes to online casinos, you can play table games, but you can only have a live dealer. If ordering a taxi, you will be able to order a taxi registered with the application. If ordering from the restaurant, only the takeaways will work very soon. If you are charging your car with fuel via the terminal, there is no one at the station to help you. You can withdraw your money and pay without a banking assistant. And all those people are gone. And I am not even touching robots yet! 

The digitalization is overall a great progress and a huge step forward for the whole civilization, but people who used to do certain tasks, are now changed by the operational tasks and applications. People who stood by you, are switched with the terminals. And the next question is, where do all these people go