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What to Expect in 2020: New Trends in Education

new trends in education
New trends in education for 2020. Stock image.
new trends in education
New trends in education for 2020. Stock image.

Are you in search of new trends in education? Do you want to adopt a new approach for learning processes? Here are some new trends.

Trends are not limited to Fashion, technology, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter alone. It cuts across every part of life, and the educational system is not an exception.

Every day we experience a change of direction in the way things are done because of the ever progressive trends. The trend in the educational system has been evolving since two decades ago. The progression of technology and invention gave life to many new developments in education.

Recently, educational technology seems to be the trend as many elementary schools now adopt AI technology as a teaching help. Students have benefited from these trends. Here are some new trends in education you can adopt this year, which can help students have an amazing learning experience:

1.  Amplified Reality in Learning

An image or a picture sticks to the mind more than a thousand words. Virtual Reality helps to accomplish this task and make learning fun and easy. 

2. Self Directed Learning  

Self-directed learning is a technique that helps the learner to carve out a learning plan that is based on their strength. Students and teachers work together as it provides personalized teaching to each of the students. As long as students are enhancing their strong sides they do not need to pay for thesis online to be on time with every task

3. Artificial Intelligence Awareness 

The artificial intelligence technology helps teachers to be more productive and effective. It reduces their workload and affords them quality time to do something else.

Artificial Intelligence reduces the tedious stress and time-consuming duty of checking every student’s paper for error and plagiarism, and this would help reveal learners who have been copying other people’s work.

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4. The Digital Library 

Reading helps to broaden and inform the mind, gain knowledge, and widen the horizon. Learners love to read, but not every learner wants to stick with a book full of plenty of pages and grammar. Hesitant readers should be encouraged to read by adopting the digital library. 

It would help them experience the freedom to scrutinize, note, and deduce from their environment as recent developments reveal, including one US library being awarded for encouraging patrons to embrace the use of digital materials, and being recognized for the highest number of digital checkouts.

5. Inquiry-Based Assessment 

Learning would become easy when learners are actively connected to the process employed in learning. Inquiry-based learning allows students to be involved in a group discussion to learn instead of staring at just theories and facts. In this type of learning, students learn practically instead, and this allows them to have a real experience of what they learned. Hence, this learning model will help learners to develop vital reasoning skills.  

6. A Stride Away From The Projector  

The projector is one of the most widely known methods employed in schools to aid learning. However, the use of wireless production technology helps learning to be easy without the use of a thick wired connection like a projector.