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All About Arizona Vacations

Arizona Holiday Accommodation
Arizona Holiday Accommodation: Pictured,
Arizona Holiday Accommodation
Arizona Holiday Accommodation: Pictured, Shilo Inn at Yuma. Image via social media.

Arizona Holiday places to stay: Accommodation options for travelers seeking to take advantage of local sights and housing needs. 

Arizona – the “State of the Grand Canyon” – became part of the United States and became the forty-eighth state only in 1912. Arizona is located in the southwestern United States, on the border with Mexico. The state capital is the city of Phoenix. The motto of the state is (lat. Ditat Deus) the Lord enriches. Desert and mountain landscapes prevail here. Part of the state is located on a plateau. The capital city of Phoenix and the two largest cities in the state of Tucson and Yuma are located in the southwest, in the midst of the arid desert of Sonora.

In the north lies the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. It is a wonder of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The climate here is mostly warm and mild, although in winter the air temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees. Starting in April and May, it is sunny in Arizona, from June to September it is quite arid, in October and November it rains, and from December to February it is cool enough. Rarely do tornadoes or hurricanes occur.

Holidays in Arizona 

It is in Arizona that it is profitable to buy vouchers for six months; there will be a chance to “get” the most affordable prices. There are a lot of places to relax, you can settle in a comfortable hotel, or, for example, rent a cozy villa.

The cost of a vacation in Arizona in 2020 starts at $ 2,642. The price primarily depends on the hotel and the number of people. If you decide to go to Arizona, be sure to get ready for the trip in advance. 

Where to stay

Accommodation services for travelers are offered by hotels such as the Shilo Inn, apartments, hostels, guest houses, family hotels, campsites. You can find housing here for every taste and budget. Most hotels have comfortable rooms, breakfast is included. On the territory there are a sufficient number of different relaxation areas, from swimming pools to fitness rooms. 

If you wish to stay at the Shilo Inn, it will be nice you know about this hotel.

Shilo Inn – Yuma offers you a dream stay in the business sector, in the heart of a convenient area due to its proximity to shops. Fill up on culture at the iconic Arizona Historical Society Sanguinetti House Museum and Sanquinetti Museum, or head to the must-see Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park and Yuma Crossing State Heritage Area during your stay at Shilo Inn. Customers of Shilo Inn particularly appreciate the central location of this hotel.

If you plan to visit the Grand Canyon, you should take care of your reservation in advance. Finding a free room at a hotel or camping site is almost impossible. If you didn’t manage to stay overnight directly in the Grand Canyon, you can spend the night in the cities in the neighborhood: 

  • Las Vegas, Boulder City, Kingman, Midview (if you go to the western part – West Rim); 
  • Flagstaff, Sedona, Williams, Tasayan, Phoenix, Scottsdale (when traveling to the South – South Rim); 
  • Kanab, Jacob Lake, St. George or Page (if you plan to visit North Rome – North Rim). 

In the summer months, the housing problem is particularly acute, as the number of tourists visiting these places is growing.

In the vicinity there are only three campsites: 

  • Mather Campground– in the southern part of the Grand Canyon National Park; 
  • North Rim Campground– in the northern part; 
  • Desert View Campground – in the remote Desert View in the southern part.

So, you need to plan a trip and book a place to stay at least six months in advance.