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Watch: Russian woman dies at cake eating contest stuffing 3 Choco Pies in mouth

Alexandra Yudina
Alexandra Yudina Russian cake eating contest
Alexandra Yudina
Pictured, Russian medical student, Alexandra Yudina.

Russian medical student, Alexandra Yudina chokes to death during cake eating contest after forcing three Choco Pies into her mouth. 

A paramedic has choked to death after stuffing three Choco Pies into her mouth during a cake-eating contest in Russia

Alexandra Yudina started choking after emptying her plate at a Moscow bar in a race with two other contestants. 

The 23-year-old gasped for breath and collapsed to the floor with her mouth still full of cake according to local media.

Bar staff rushed to help her but were unable to clear the blockage. 

An ambulance crew arrived at the Killfish bar but could not save the medical student’s life. 

Tragically, Yudina’s death came after the paramedic in training having been diagnosed with leukemia six months go. It was not clear where her diagnosis had been terminal.

Russian cake eating competition
Alexandra Yudina Russian cake eating contest tragedy.

Victim sought to live every moment to the full after recent cancer diagnosis: 

Footage of this weekend’s incident was shared by partygoers at the Moscow venue while CCTV footage (see above) was shown on Russian television. 

After Alexandra walked away from the table where the contest was held, the footage shows a photographer taking her picture as she suddenly becomes unsteady. 

She appeared to be heading towards the toilet but she collapsed on the floor despite a friend’s attempts to catch her.  

According to local media, Alexandra, also going by the name of Sasha, had told friends she wanted to use every chance to have fun after her recent cancer diagnosis.   

Could victim’s life have been saved?

The dailymail cited local press reporting the victim had not planned to take part in an eating contest when she went out on Saturday evening, but joined in when it started.  

Each competitor was given three small cakes, believed to be Choco Pies with a marshmallow filling. 

The footage shows Alexandra trying to stuff two of them into her mouth at once after eating the first, causing her to choke

Alexandra had been happily ‘drinking, dancing and joking’ earlier in the evening, said friends.

The 23-year-old had graduated from a medical college with a qualification as a paramedic.   

The incident has since led to a local patron who witnessed the event saying, ‘It’s very bad that the waiters and food service workers don’t know what a Heimlich method or method they should have known. This is a technique in which a person is freed from foreign objects that have fallen into the airways, primarily food crumbs.’ 

It remained unclear to what degree, if at all, staff were trained in life medical saving procedures.

 Russian cake eating contest choke to death
Pictured, Russian cake eating contest victim. Image via local media.