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Suicide? Missing Holladay Utah woman found drowned Ft Lauderdale lake

Kelly Glover body found
Kelly Glover body found: Pictured, missing Halloday, Utah woman, Kelly Glover and the Westwin Ft Lauderdale hotel where she'd been staying, Wednesday night.
Kelly Glover body found
Kelly Glover body found: Pictured, missing Halloday, Utah woman, who had been staying at Westwin Ft Lauderdale and whose body was found in a lake next to the hotel.

Kelly Glover body found: Missing Halloday, Utah woman, who had been staying at Westin Ft Lauderdale discovered dead in possible suicide drowning death.

A Holladay, Utah woman who went missing this week on a Florida business trip, was found dead Saturday, family members announced on Facebook

Kelly Glover, 37, was last seen on Wednesday night at her hotel after traveling to Florida on Tuesday. She had planned to stay in Ft Lauderdale for a week.

Police were seen early Saturday afternoon removing a body from a large lake that is adjacent to the Fort Lauderdale Westin Hotel, located at 400 Corporate Dr. Local10 reports.

It remains unclear what caused Kelly Glover’s death and whether her presumed drowning death was the result of suicide. 

NBC Miami cited authorities saying they did not believe there was foul play in the missing woman’s death. Glover had travelled to Florida on behalf CHG Healthcare where she worked as a project manager.

Police also said the cause of death would be determined by a medical examiner.

Missing Holladay woman’s husband confirms fears for the worse:

Posted Glover’s husband, Adam Bremer on Facebook, early Saturday afternoon:

;Dear Friends and Family,

‘It is with broken hearts we share that Kelly Glover’s body was found around 12pm ET on January 11th. Investigation is ongoing. Funeral arrangements will be in Salt Lake City and announced when we have details.

The family thanks everyone for their support and generosity during this time.’

No additional news or explanations were provided.

Kelly Glover body found
Pictured, Halloday, Utah woman, Kelly Glover missing. Images via social media.

Kelly Glover filmed walking down holiday back stairs at 2am- but to go where? 

In previous Facebook posts, Bremer, said Glover went to dinner with a friend who was staying with her on Wednesday night. The two women returned to the hotel at 10:30 p.m. and the friend went to sleep. He said that she woke up at 4 a.m. and saw that Glover was gone, but her phone and wallet were still in the room and the door was slightly open.

Bremer said he first knew something was wrong when he hadn’t heard anything from Glover in the morning.

‘She’s pretty responsive,’ he said. ‘I usually get up before her and I send her the first message in the morning and not one morning has gone by where I haven’t heard from her by 9 o’clock.’

Bremer arrived in Fort Lauderdale on Friday morning to help with the search.

Regan Glover and then Bremer posted the news of Kelly’s death on Facebook, and Kelly’s cousin Ryan Glover confirmed her death to KSL. Regan Glover said Kelly’s body was found about 10 a.m. MT, 12 p.m. local time.

Bremer said there is footage that shows Glover going down the hotel stairs at 2 a.m. to an exit that leads out to open land and water. She was wearing pajamas, a light sweater and socks.

‘As far as I know there is no evidence that she’s left the hotel,’ said Ryan Glover on Friday.

Fort Lauderdale had been searching with a dive team, helicopter and police dogs KSL reported.

‘We’re just trying to take it one hour at a time, there’s no script for this, you can’t prepare for this,’ said Bremer on Friday.

Ryan Glover told KSL Kelly was an ‘experienced traveler’ and a ‘very independent person.’

Kelly Glover suicide
Kelly Glover suicide? Pictured missing Utah woman with husband, Adam Bremer.
Kelly Glover drowning death
Kelly Glover drowning death. Pictured the lake adjacent to the Westin Ft Lauderdale where the Utah healthcare executive had been staying. Screenshot.

Kelly Glover suicide drowning death? 

Unclear is what led to Glover going to the lake and whether she had sought her own suicide drowning death- and if so why?

Reflected commentators on reddit: What could have happened? Sleepwalking and stumbled into trouble? Going to meet up with someone else in the hotel maybe on the same business trip? Going outside for a walk? Looking to buy drugs? Distraught or suicidal?

Met someone on dating app she wanted to meet? Doesnt seem to make sense, wouldnt that be on her phone left behind?

Just up to buy a snack or get ice? Why no ice bucket though? Maybe had a couple dollars with her to buy snack. Just a guess not reported.

Maybe headed to lobby to see if they had aspirin or whatever?

Maybe abducted by fellow guest or employee inside the building, harmed and removed in suitcase or thrown in trash? Maybe abducted outside building by someone? Maybe drowned in ocean?

Apparently left purse and phone in room. Any ideas?

Kelly Glover drowning death
Kelly Glover drowning death: Pictured, Ft Lauderdale Westin pool which sets adjacent to pond.

Family members believe Holladay project manager drowned: 

While authorities confirmed Glover’s death was not the result of foul play, questions were asked how the project manager ended up dead in the lake.

When asked what she thought might have happened to her older sibling, Melissa Glover noted the lack of fencing between pool and pond at the Westin.

‘I think she drowned,’ the woman said according to Sun Sentinel.

A review of publicly available photos of the hotel’s pool deck and patio shows that it is not fenced in, and that a concrete bulwark that looks almost like a sea-wall separates it from the pond.

Management at the hotel would not comment, stating only that they ‘are working with the family and the investigation.’

It continued to remain whether Glover’s death was by design or accidental?

Reflected one commentator on Scallywag and Vagabond Facebook page: ‘Did the friend go looking for her at that time or go back to bed, or call the husband or family to see if they heard from her.’

Responded this author: ‘That’s a good question. I am curious to find out when the friend notified loved one’s. She got up at 4am and noticed that she was missing. So the question is – was Kelly still alive at 4am? Had she gone to sit by the pool/pond? And then go for a swim? Weather was 76 Fahrenheit. Still a bit cool to swim and if one is going for a swim, why that hour and where’s the swimming trunk ? Is it possible Glover somehow accidentally fell into the adjoining lake? Or did she willfully jump in?’

More information about the circumstances of Glover’s death was not immediately available as authorities continued their investigations.

In the interim a newly married man grieves the loss of his wife after marrying ‘his best friend’ and ‘the love of his life’ in 2018. 

Missing Holladay Utah woman suicide
Missing Holladay Utah woman body found Pictured Kelly Glover w/ her husband, Adam Bremer.