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2020 Travel – 5 top tips for Gatwick flyers

Gatwick Airport travel
Gatwick Airport travel premium services & privileges literally at your finger tips.
Gatwick Airport travel
Gatwick Airport travel premium services & privileges literally at your finger tips. Image via social media.

Gatwick Airport travel: How to reckon with the UK’s second most busiest airport and take advantage of premium services and privileges available to travelers. 

With 2020 well under way, you’ve no doubt started looking for some cool and exciting places to visit.

Or maybe you booked something ages ago and have been eagerly counting down the days to your trip?

Whatever your situation, you’ll want to ensure that your travels live up to your sky-high expectations, so here are five top tips to help your 2020 travels get off to a super start! 

   1. Get some Gatwick rewards

Whether you’re a regular Gatwick passenger or one-time flyer, signing up to the myGatwick rewards scheme is a great idea. 

Unlike many other travel rewards schemes, you don’t have to collect points to reap the benefits – you’ll enjoy plenty of perks from day one such as discounts for airport restaurants, shops and lounges, and on destination transfers. Find out more about the scheme on the official Gatwick website. 

   2. Pay for premium airport services

For the vast majority of travellers, the worst part of their travels is getting through the airport – it’s a period of pure stress and chaos. And as the UK’s second busiest airport, this is especially true of Gatwick. According to one recent study, despite or in spite of its size and frequency, Gatwick was rated one of the worst airports in the world based on quality and punctuality.

Thankfully, Gatwick Airport offers a superb range of premium services to passengers including expedited passport control and security checks, and valet parking. So if you’re keen to avoid queues, crowds and other common airport stresses, head online and start booking. 

   3. Choose your accommodation carefully

When it comes to your holiday accommodation, location is everything. A central location that’s close to both the airport and the main attractions you want to visit is best. However, this can be expensive and difficult to find.

Ultimately, the key thing is that your lodgings have good transport links so you can get around quickly and conveniently.

One of the best website’s for holiday accommodation is Booking.comit has an impressive range of filters to help you quickly find the pad that best meets yours needs.

   4. Plan your route to the airport

Planning your route to the airport is one of your most important travel tasks. Mess it up and you risk missing your flight and waving goodbye to your much-anticipated trip. 

So if you’re travelling by public transport, make sure you leave plenty of extra time to account for delays and check the timetables regularly for changes. Alternatively, if you’re travelling by car, it pays to pre-book a parking spot at Gatwick on a comparison site such as SkyParkSecure.com and to have a detour in place to avoid unforeseen delays during your commute.

  5. Visit the local tourism office

Travel websites and blogs can be great places for finding things to do in your destination, however, they don’t quite compare to the local tourism office.

The staff here are location experts and it’s their job to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible, so they’ll be more than happy to fill you in on special events, free activities and other cool goings on during your trip. 

That’s our list! Share your thoughts and travel tips in the comments section.