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Ron Burkle’s Producer son dead – are there clues?

Andrew Burkle cause of death
Andrew Burkle cause of death- are there any clues?
Andrew Burkle cause of death
Pictured Billionaire investor, Ron Burkle’s Producer son, Andrew Burkle. Image via social media

Andrew Burkle cause of death- are there any clues? Ron Burkle’s Producer son, Andrew Burkle declared dead as the seemingly healthy son grappled with changing fortunes.

How does a 27 year old son of a billionaire tycoon end up dead?

Hollywood society has been set ablaze with the news that Ron Burkle’s Producer son, Andrew C. Burkle, was found dead at his Beverly Hills home, Monday night. The mystery death comes as authorities have yet to provide a cause of death.

But there might be clues.

The Beverly Hills Police Department said it received a call around 7:26 p.m. Monday about an ‘unconscious male.’ Upon arriving, emergency crews ‘determined the male was deceased,’ People reported.

Inferences have been made that police were called to the residence as cause for concern prior to the Hollywood producer behind such flicks as ‘The Juiceman,’ and ‘Airplane Mode’ – dying at his residence. Alluding to the notion that something caused Andrew Burkle to become unconscious- whether from a pre existing health condition, or as a result possibly of the consumption or use of external substances – including drugs and or narcotics- whether legally acquired or not.

Others on the web speculated beyond a possible drug overdose, whether Andrew Burkle’s death was the result of suicide, or tragic death, possibly in the unintended over consumption of say sleeping pills.

Ron and Andrew Burkle
Ron and Andrew Burkle

Seemingly healthy and everything to live for? 

A source is reported to have told People that the producer had died earlier that Monday before he was discovered. It remained unclear whether the producer was discovered unconscious or already deceased.

Declining to address Andrew Burkle’s cause of death, perhaps for fear of feeding into speculation and innuendo – the family instead chose to release an opaque statement.

‘It is with the deepest regret and sadness that we announce the death of Andrew C. Burkle on January 6, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California,’ the Burkle family relayed via People.

The family in its statement said ‘that the privacy of the family be respected during this difficult time.’

Andrew’s sudden death comes after he spent Christmas with family. In a family Instagram post on Dec. 25, the seemingly jubilant and radiant 27 year old poses in front of a Christmas tree cuddling a young girl, believed to be a family member.

‘Merry Christmas from me and the munchkin! 2nd year of this photo, definitely a tradition now,’ Andrew captioned the shot.

Which is to wonder what possible ailment could have led to a seemingly robust young man in his prime dying less than two weeks later?

Andrew Burkle cause of death.
Andrew Burkle cause of death. (Photo via Instagram)

A rocky future ahead? 

Andrew Burkle was the youngest of three children of the billionaire investor and mother Janet Duitson

The Hollywood Reporter told of Ronald Burkle running the Los Angeles-based private equity firm Yucaipa Companies, which invested in the failed entertainment firm Relativity Media and was a partner in the original consortium looking to buy Harvey Weinstein’s former company, The Weinstein Company

Yucaipa in 2018 sued Lantern Entertainment (later becoming Spyglass Media) after it completed a $289 million deal for TWC.

Unclear was to what degree recent machinations may have unearthed the youngest son’s aspirations within Hollywood and how that may have led to the 27 year old taking solace and escape to his ultimate detriment?