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Is USA at risk? California girl hospitalized w/ coronavirus since Xmas fights to stay alive

Aliyah Cardoza
Pictured, Aliyah Cardoza, 3 year old girl from Azusa, California with a strain of coronavirus.
Aliyah Cardoza
Pictured, Aliyah Cardoza, 3 year old girl from Azusa, California with a strain of coronavirus.

Aliyah Cardoza, 3 year old Azusa, California girl who contracted coronavirus strain over a month ago remains hospitalized as she fights to stay alive as the disease continues to spread worldwide. 

As the world braces to find out whether a new strain of virus- coronavirus – emanating out of China will continue to fatally affect victims both in Asia and now in the USA and Europe, a 3 year old California girl continues to defy odds and fight for her life.

Aliyah Cardoza from Azusa, was admitted to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on Dec. 23 with flu-like symptoms and diagnosed with coronavirus, as well as microplasma, pneumonia, and acute respiratory syndrome, KTLA reports.

‘[She had a] fever and a cough. And it just escalated to where her fever was not breaking,’ her mom, Gloria Aguilera, told the LA based media outlet.

Tests determined that the toddler has the NL63 strain, which is not the same as the novel virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Reports cbsnews as of late Monday night, ‘At least 106 people have died in China from the new virus, officially dubbed “2019 novel coronavirus” (2019-nCoV). More than 4,500 others have been infected in more than a dozen countries, including five confirmed cases in the United States. More than 60 additional people in the U.S. were being tested for the disease.’

A 3 year old girl fights to stay alive as questions are asked- how many more people in the US and outside China will be affected? 

Authorities believe the virus, which causes flu-like symptoms, likely spread into the human population from an infected animal at a market in Wuhan. Officials have confirmed that the virus has been transmitted person-to-person, but it remains unclear how easy it is to contract from another infected individual, and most virtually all cases thus far can be traced back to Wuhan.

‘It is really relieving that she doesn’t have that strain,’ Aguilera told KTLA some five days ago.

While Aliyah is expected to make a full recovery, it hasn’t been easy going as the three year old remains incubated on breathing and chest tubes. During her hospital stay, Cardoza’s lung collapsed, leading to the toddler suffering a seizure.

‘I didn’t know she would end up in this kind of situation where I would have to see my child go through so much pain,’ the girl’s mother reiterated. 

In the five days since the new coronavirus strain was found in a person in the United States, officials have identified the virus in four more people – newsweek reports. On Sunday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that two more cases of coronavirus were found, in Arizona and California.

So far, every case in the U.S has involved a person who recently visited the Chinese city of Wuhan, but person-to-person spreading is expected to occur.

How did coronavirus spread and what’s being done? 

There are seven known strains of the coronavirus, which can cause mild to moderate respiratory symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Wuhan coronavirus emerged last month in a central Chinese province and has spread to four other countries, including the US. 

Come Monday, the U.S. government was urgently seeking to evacuate Americans from the city at the center of the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China as scientists scurry to come up with a vaccine while quarantining vast section of Wuhan and now surrounding areas as scientists seek to come up with a workable solution. 

In the interim, public health officials from the U.S. and China continue to warn to expect many more infections, with unconfirmed claims from anonymous health workers in China that many thousands may actually be infected than what the Chinese government is willing to publicly acknowledge.

The Chinese government is frantically attempting to build two state hospitals in the area designed to house and treat over 2,000 infected individuals in just ten days to house patients at the epicenter of the virus.

One of the 270,000-square-foot facility will be in Wuhan, the nypost reported, with the purpose of addressing ‘the insufficiency of existing medical resources,’ city officials said.