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Utah McDonald’s customer punches worker over botched order

Victor Jimmy Castro
Pictured, Utah McDonald's customer, Victor Jimmy Castro. Police bookings.
Victor Jimmy Castro
Pictured, Utah McDonald’s customer, Victor Jimmy Castro. Police bookings.

Victor Jimmy Castro, Utah McDonald’s customer arrested for assaulting workers for getting order wrong. The latest incidence of violence against fast food workers.

Because all hell will break loose if you get my food order wrong….

A customer who allegedly assaulted multiple McDonald’s workers last month in Utah after claiming they ‘screwed up’ his fast-food order is facing charges of burglary and two counts of assault.

The incident took place on Nov. 7 at a McDonald’s inside a Walmart in Layton, Utah, KUTV reports. After leaving with his food, Victor Jimmy Castro allegedly returned to the restaurant and forced his way behind the counter.

According to the arrest affidavit, which was released by The Smoking Gun, Castro punched the employee working behind the register in the face. He then went back into the kitchen and punched another worker in the face.

‘You got my order wrong,’ Castro said during the attack, according to witnesses.

Yes kids, that will teach them marginalized workers for failing to even get a dead end gig wrong.

Authorities used surveillance footage of the incident to identify Castro and recently took the man into custody.

The arrest follows a steady report of other McDonald’s workers across the country also being the victims of violence.

The outlet which has long been a beacon for impoverished Americans struggling to make ends meet (but now increasingly middle class folk) is now at the center of legal action from employees.

In November, a group of McDonald’s workers in Chicago filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that their employer has failed to protect them from a pattern of violence. The 17 employees work at 13 different McDonald’s restaurants across the city.

The workers said Chicago police respond to more than twenty 911 calls to the city’s McDonald’s locations on a daily basis, The Associated Press reported. They also cited various instances of violence, which included physical assault and sexual harassment.

‘McDonald’s has failed, at a systemic level, to protect its workers from violence in the workplace,’ David Rosenthal, an attorney for the workers, told The Associated Press. ‘Throughout the country, McDonald’s workers are regularly threatened, assaulted and injured by customers.’

It remains unclear why workers continued to be targeted by disgruntled customers.