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Maine man killed by his own boobytrap- robbed too many times

Ronald Cyr Van Buren Maine
Pictured, St Francis Avenue, Ronald Cyr Van Buren Maine
Ronald Cyr Van Buren Maine
Pictured, Ronald Cyr Van Buren Maine, St Francis Avenue residence.

Ronald Cyr Van Buren Maine man killed by homemade device he’d devised to protect himself from home invaders after spate of robberies.

‘You can never break in. Not anymore.’ A Maine man has been killed by his own homemade security device setting it up on the front door of his residence to shoot anyone attempting to break in, police say. 

Ronald Cyr, 65, of St Francis Ave,Van Buren, called 911 saying he had been shot in his home on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

When responding officers arrived to the scene they discovered a homemade contraption on the front door that was designed to fire a handgun if anyone attempted to enter the home, according to a release via the Van Buren Police Department.

Cyr fatally succumbed to his injuries sustained from the gunshot.

Officers found other unknown devices around the house and contacted the state’s bomb squad. 

Authorities investigated the man’s home and later determined he was shot by the unintentional discharge of one of his own homemade devices. 

It’s not clear what he did to discharge his boobytrap. 

Van Buren is on the Canadian border, about 320 miles from Portland.

People who knew Cyr remembered him as a ‘great guy’ on the police Facebook post announcing the incident. 

‘That is so sad and so tragic. We knew if (sic) very well. He was a great guy,’ one woman wrote. 

‘Ron was one a great man. He will be missed greatly. Always there to help you if you asked. He didn’t deserve going out this way,’ another added. 

‘This is exactly what happens when you have robbed too many times. Rip my dear friend,’ one man shared. 

‘Sad day in the town of Van Buren Ron Cyr was a good man,’ one Facebook user added. 

While another posted: ‘Thank goodness it wasn’t a child going door to door for a fundraiser… I had no idea that Van Buren had such a big problem with home burglaries that someone would go to this extent.’

And then there was this comment too: ‘Homemade device… WoW what if a first responder would have been dispatched to that place and would have received that fatal discharged. Hummm.’

Welcome to a brave new America…