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California wildlife conservationist attacked by own tigers she raised at birth- seriously injured.

patty perry moorepark conservationist
Pictured, Patty Perry Moorepark Conservationist
patty perry moorpark conservationist
Pictured, Patty Perry Moorpark Conservationist with her tigers.

Patty Perry Moorpark Conservationist seriously injured after tigers she raised at birth pounced on her during performance. Can mankind ever neuter an animal’s wild instinct?

A wildlife conservationist has been seriously injured after being attacked by several of her own tigers at a California animal sanctuary she owns and runs.

Patty Perry, who is the founder of Wildlife Environmental Conservation, was injured Saturday when at least two of the tigers pounced on her in a cage at the Moorpark compound, KABC reported.

“They began to play with her and the Bengal took both paws and wrapped them around her legs’, the conservation’s attorney, Michael Bradbury said. ‘She fell on the ground and another tiger jumped on her and began to pull on her before they got her out and she got some lacerations.’

The incident which happened during a special event for donors left witnesses shaken.

Perry told others that she doesn’t believe that the tigers intended to harm her. The confidante said Perry went into the tiger cage as she does every day.

‘A lot of people I’m sure that saw it were horrified thinking the worst. She said it was obvious they were playing with her because they do love her. She raised them from babies,’ Bradbury said.

No repercussions expected:

Perry was brought with lacerations to her head and shoulder to Los Robles Health System in Thousand Oaks, the Ventura County Star reported.

Bradbury said the founder is heartbroken over the episode and plans to return to the tigers when she’s released from the hospital.

‘She hopes to get back to it soon,’ Bradbury reiterated.

‘It’s never happened before. She’s gone in on hundreds of occasions,’ he said.

Perry has 50 animals at her facility including zebras, birds of prey, and leopards.

Bradbury said animal control is aware of the incident but said he doesn’t expect any repercussions.

Because as much as we believe we may have domesticated wildlife, the wildlife never leaves the wildlife….

Patty Perry Moorpark Conservationist
Patty Perry Moorpark Conservationist pictured with tigers she raised.