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Jersey City shooting leaves 6 dead in targeted attack on Kosher Deli

Detective Joseph Seals
Pictured, Detective Joseph Seals
JC Kosher Supermarket shooting
JC Kosher Supermarket shooting. Pictured, Detective (Joe) Joseph Seals killed in Jersey City shooting.

JC Kosher Supermarket shooting: Gunfire erupts at Jersey City after a drug deal gone wrong culminates at a Jewish Hasidic grocery store- 6 dead, including two gunmen.

At least six people have been killed in a shooting in N.J’s Jersey City, including an officer, Detective Joe Seals – according to officials and reports.

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that one officer was fatally shot in the head and two others were wounded — including one shot in the shoulder after gunfire erupted in a supermarket Tuesday afternoon.

The officer was later identified as undercover police officer- Detective Joseph Seals, a married father of five—who was shot and later declared dead. The man was hit during surveillance at a nearby graveyard before two men fired gunfire randomly – culminating in an hour gun battle a local Jewish Kosher store- JC Kosher Supermarket.

Joe Seals was described as a ‘long-time veteran’ who joined the Jersey City force in 2006. He worked for a Ceasfire Unit, and, PIX11 reported, he was ‘the leading cop in removing guns from city streets.’

‘It’s a tough day for the Jersey City Police Department,’ Mayor Steven Fulop said in a brief press conference more than three hours after the shootout started.

Five people were found dead inside the store, NBC reported.

Black Hebrew Israelite killers note: “My creator makes me do it!”

Jersey City shooting suspects identified in targeted attack against Jews

Drug deal gone bad:

Authorities say two shooters were believed to be among the dead which culminated at Jewish Hasidic supermarket store known as JC Kosher Supermarket.

Along with the shooters who are thought to be possible drug suspects, reports told of three civilians caught up in the crossfire between the wanted men and police. Along with a pursuing officer dying, a second officer suffered a gunshot to the soldier but survived. Two other officers were wounded by shrapnel. 

The New York Daily News reported that ‘Once inside (the grocery store), the shooters began firing randomly through the windows at anyone on the street.’

Reports told of the shooting lasting over an hour and resulting in a massive response from local PD, FBI and ATF. Gunfire also prompted lockdowns at local schools.

The grocery store were the shooting culminated is in an area home to about 70 families, Yiddish-speaking Hasidic Jews background forward reports. Owned by Moishe Ferencz, JC Kosher Supermarket has been in operation since July of 2017, according to incorporation documents filed with the New Jersey Department of the Treasury.

Authorities said the shooting started in Bay View Cemetery before the shooters ran into the grocery kosher store about a mile away at Martin Luther King Drive and Bayview Avenue.

Officials did not say what motivated the gun violence.