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Why an Online Casino is better than the physical one

Online Casino
How Online Casino has become the preferred venue for players. Image via social media.
Online Casino
How Online Casino has become the preferred venue for players. Image via social media.

How Online Casino evolved to become the more preferred venue for gamblers and players seeking to increase odds while utilizing latest technology advances.

Since the introduction of internet connectivity in 1998, the business sector has improved and changed for the better. The casino industry was also not left behind and internet service gave rise to online gambling sites that brought a change to the entire gambling world. Casino players are no longer required to physically visit a casino but they can gamble on their favourite games at the comfort of their homes or office. Over the years, online casinos have proved to be better than physical ones in a number of ways:

     1. The Buy-In

Placing your bet at a physical casino requires you to have cash at hand. In case you do not have the money with you, you need to find an ATM machine that you can use to withdraw your cash. This is not always the case with online casinos because you can play using your debit or credit cards; they have plenty of payment options available for their players. Bitcoin is a new method of payment that is slowly making its way through the online casino industry and it is being widely accepted by most online casinos. Also being widely adopted in latest technological advances is payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

     2. Online casinos provide more winning options

When compared to physical casinos, players have a greater chance of winning bets because online casinos provide players with hundreds and thousands of games that they can place their bets. It is common that the more games that are offered at a gambling site, the greater the chances of winning regarding by smartcasinoguide.com. Thus, physical casinos cannot compare to online casinos in the number of winning options they offer to their players.

     3. Online casinos use the Random number generator technology

This keeps the games fair and legit. The Random Number Generator (RNG) utilizes algorithms that ensure that the outcome of the games are purely random and nobody has the ability to decide the outcome of the game. This makes online casinos gain more trust from players. At physical casinos, there are chances that some people will hover around your slot machine with the hope of triggering winnings. 

     4. More bonuses and jackpots

Let’s face it, the more the games offered at a casino, the more bonuses and jackpots. This is exactly the same thing that happens at an online casino. Players will not miss a number of bonuses from online casinos each week. Not to say that physical casino’s have nothing to offer their players, but these bonuses from online casinos keep players coming back for more. You will also find a great selection of jackpot games from online casinos. You might come across 20 jackpot slot games or more when playing at specific online casinos. 

     5. Ability to play on the go

This is one of the major advantages of playing online. With physical casinos, players are not able to place their bets from anywhere because they have to physically be present at the casino. Placing bets through your mobile phone gives you the advantage of placing bets from anywhere and at any time. 

      6. Privacy

Playing from an online casino guarantees your privacy. You can quietly sit at your favourite couch, have your favourite drink without outside disturbance. This is not entirely the case with gambling at physical casinos, where you are surrounded by so many people, laughing, screaming and cheering. You do not have to face the discomfort that comes with smoke being blown your way by smoking players.

      7. Low house advantages

When compared to physical casinos, online casinos have a lower house advantage. This is because online casinos do not incur too many expenses and they also make more profits.