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Must-see Spring Trends from New York Fashion Week 2020

New York Fashion Week 2020 Spring
New York Fashion Week 2020 Spring street wear. Image via social media.
New York Fashion Week 2020 Spring
New York Fashion Week 2020 Spring street wear. Image via social media.

New York Fashion Week 2020 Spring street style trends to watch out for: NYC haute couture impacting every day wear. The looks making a play.

What will the next spring look like? Fashionistas and beauty influencers take this question literally and look up to New York Fashion Week catwalks to scrutinize the trends that will define their stylish being in 2020. The show that wrapped up in mid-September, 2019 promised the next spring would be full of juicy colors, simple structure, and intricate details. Of course, the show doesn’t give the full picture, and European fashion is going to influence haute couture as well. But there’s still so much to anticipate and get excited about!  

For those thinking that haute couture doesn’t impact what people wear every day, it does! Sure, most of the looks debuted at the New York Fashion Week are hard to digest for ordinary people today. But as experience shows, the catchiest trends will get picked up by fast-fashion retailers and fashion magazines in a couple of months. Inevitably, one day we’ll see them on the street. Not the full looks, of course, but rather snatched details. So even if you don’t belong to trendsetters or followers, and every new fashion website makes you feel sick about trends, it’s better to know what this spring has prepared for us. Just to be ready to either embrace or reject it.

pyer moss spring 2020 show
New York Fashion Week 2020 Spring; Pyer Moss spring 2020 show. Watch out as the look is sure to hit the streets. Image via social media.

Monochrome looks       

Many fashion designers (Sies Marjan, Brandon Maxwell, and Pyer Moss, to name a few) experimented with monochromatic head-to-toe looks combining different textures or varying shades of the same color. The result? Surprisingly, it wasn’t boring, but rather purely beautiful, playful, bold, and even dominant, especially, the all-red look by Sies Marjan. The lesson is if you want to stand out, think about wearing clothes of the same bold color, and don’t forget about the daring make-up statement!      

Sharp white blazers

A black blazer is a thing of the past replaced by its austere white counterpart. Broad-shouldered and sharp – this is how a fashion statement will look like this spring. Barragan, Matthew Adams Dolan, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh suggested wearing brazers next to the skin, preferably with a bra, which should be of the same color as footwear, though. Wearing elegant blazers with sports shoes (as recommended by Proenza Schouler), is another trend that is going to hit our streets in spring.

Brushstrokes as a new tie-dye

The iconic tie-dye, which took the world by storm, is going to be replaced by more reserved brushstrokes that look effortless and add some artsy charm to the outfit. Kim Shui, Naeem Khan, Sandy Liang, and Marina Moscone experimented with light, almost translucent dyed fabrics that perfectly emphasized the curves and manifested underwear.

Half and half make one

The good news for those who can’t decide which color, print, or fabric to choose (or those who can’t resolve their inner contradictions): you can have them both now, one on your left and one on your right! Sally LaPointe, Christopher John Rogers, and Dion Lee played with “halves” of the looks allowing them to express their unique personalities. The takeaway? The next time you feel uncertain or torn apart, just divide your body in two in your mind and let each half make its own fashion statement as long as the whole is who you really are.

Black & white graphic prints

The most charismatic combo – black and white – makes a return to the runways in a variegated collection of graphic prints. Christopher John Rogers, Sandy Liang, and Khaite, with their monochrome drama, left leopard and snakeskin prints no chance to compete this spring. The fashion craze will be around polka dots, checkers, and zebra patterns.

Return to beauty

After a few NYFW seasons in a row focused on athleisure, it was nice to see that the designers switch their focus over to beauty again. After all, the show celebrates the best of the sartorial art and seeing show stopping gowns worth a royal event is always a pure pleasure. Pyer Moss, Self-Portrait, Christopher John Rogers, Prabal Gurung, and Carolina Herrera gave us a great lesson on what a real fashion is about. The otherworldly daintiness of Jason Wu’s looks left us speechless, and we are eager to see how this trend will impact the fashion industry in spring.