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Which Disney Princess Are You? Find Out With MagiQuiz

Disney Princess MagiQuiz
Disney Princess MagiQuiz: the allure of quizzes.
Disney Princess MagiQuiz
Disney Princess MagiQuiz: the allure of quizzes.

Disney Princess MagiQuiz: Why online quizzes continue to allure readers and what they suggest about participant’s personality. 

How I discovered the real me.

If you have ever felt drawn to an online quiz, you’re not alone. Online quizzes are becoming increasingly popular as people stumble upon them on the internet or see them shared by friends on social media. They’re everywhere and new quizzes come out every day. 

So, why are we drawn to online quizzes? Why can’t we resist the pull to discover which pizza topping are you… or which Disney Princess are you… or which sports car are you? Let’s try to understand why we’re so drawn to online quizzes.

1. Everyone’s doing it!

Social media is a huge motivating factor to get us to take online quizzes. Let’s say you’re on Facebook browsing through cat memes and suddenly your friend posts that she took a “Which Disney Princess are you “ quiz.

Of course, you’re curious to see if the quiz pegged your friend correctly. After all, she’s your friend and you know her best, right? Maybe you’ll laugh and make a comment about whether or not you think the results fit her, but more importantly, you’ll want to find out for yourself which Disney Princess are you. And then you share your results and another friend sees it and now she’s curious about your results…. well, this can go on until infinity. 

Social media makes it easy to see what our friends are up to…. and join in on the fun. Media research companies are finding that online quiz results garner “likes” and “shares” unlike any other content. Why? Because it’s fun to share and compare quiz results. And let’s face it, if you post about politics, people will argue with you, but if you post about which Disney Princess are you, people will laugh and say “that’s totally you” or “no way!”.

Disney Princess MagiQuiz
Disney Princess MagiQuiz: time to take the make up out?

2. We like categorizing 

We are all so unique and yet we love to fit in. Despite our best efforts to be seen as individuals, people have a tendency to find ways to categorize themselves to the people around them. We make sense of the world around us by placing everything and everyone in boxes. It’s not high school again where there are jocks, nerds and preppies, but it’s our nature to look for commonalities with the people around us. 

Think about the sorting hat in Harry Potter, that’s what online quizzes essentially do. They read our minds (ok, not really… you’ll have to do some work and answer questions like “what time of the day were you born?” “which birthday gift would you pick?” and “what food are you craving right now?”) and put us in a group with like-minded friends.

Online quizzes remind and reassure us that our personalities aren’t random flukes and that there are other people with similar characteristics. Online quizzes can guess who you truly are

3. We want to understand ourselves 

We are drawn to online quizzes for the same reasons some people shell out $25 for a tarot card reading at the carnival or spend $3 a minute to call the psychic hotline. Besides simple curiosity, we’re looking for insights about ourselves. We want a deeper understanding of who we really are. Online quizzes, like those you will find at MagiQuiz, are easier than tracking down a palm reader or psychic… and of course, they’re free.

Just think about our cultural fixation with astrological signs. I have to admit there are times I find myself taking comfort in believing that my indecisive nature is because I’m a Libra, or that my creativity stems from the time of year I was born. If you halfway believe in astrology, It’s not so farfetched to think that online quizzes can guess who you truly are based on your birthday.


Online quizzes have been around since the early days of the internet. We love them because they’re fun. But more importantly, by taking a few minutes to answer some questions, we can gain deep insights into our personality and into those of our friends. People love online quizzes because it allows us to categorize the world around us and tell us where we fit in and it’s cheaper and easier than consulting a psychic or tarot card reader. Next time you’re online and see an interesting online quiz, try it and discover the real you.