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Honda Xr80 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

motorcycle riding gear
Motorcycle riding gear. Image via Pexels.
motorcycle riding gear
Motorcycle riding gear. Image via Pexels.

Motorcycle riding gear: Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide. How to find a reliable seller towards sourcing parts at affordable prices online. 

The right aftermarket parts and accessories can help you get the most out of your motorcycle. Identifying what you want out of your ride is a good way to figure out which motorcycle riding gear you need. Online retailers can offer a wide selection of Honda XR8 aftermarket parts and accessories. Finding a reliable seller is the first step towards sourcing the parts you need at affordable prices.

Riding Accessories

Good gear is essential both for safety and comfort as you ride. Essentials include helmets, riding pants, jackets and boots.

Motorcycle helmets come in a variety of styles, so you can go for the look you want. More importantly, you need your helmet to be appropriately rated for motorcycle riding. Some states mandate helmets while others do not. Either way, this accessory can offer vital protection in the event of a crash or fall. Helmets come in a variety of sizes. For a high level of comfort, you may also want to look at options such as

  • a removable, washable liner
  • ventilation
  • comfortable padding
  • adjustability

When it comes to motorcycle riding gear such as jackets, pants and gloves, look for durability. Optimally, these items should also be weather-resistant, protecting you from wind and rain. Your motorcycle boots should feel comfortable and let you get a good grip so you can operate pedal controls with full control.


There are a few reasons you might be looking for aftermarket parts. Perhaps you need to replace a worn or damaged part on your bike. Alternatively, you may want to customize your motorcycle for better performance or added comfort. Sourcing cheap Honda motorcycle parts from a reputable online seller is a good way to achieve either of these goals.

If you want to upgrade your bike’s performance, you should be looking for parts that allow you to ride faster without putting damaging wear and tear on your machine. Stock parts often do not have the durability to withstand the sustained heat and friction generated through riding at a high speed for sustained periods of time. Common items to replace with aftermarket parts include brake lines, brake pads and suspension components.

One size does not fit all when it comes to motorcycles. Short or tall riders may find they need some adjustments to ride comfortably and safely. Lowering or lifting the suspension is one common adjustment. You may also look into purchasing different handlebars, making aftermarket adjustments to your seat or installing lowering links.

Even if you do not feel the need to modify your bike, you will still need to replace some parts periodically. It is recommended that riders periodically check the functioning of key parts and pay attention to regular replacement:

  • Brake pads: replace when they become less than 2mm thick
  • Tires: replace every five years, or sooner if you see damage, cracking or tread depth shallower than about 2mm
  • Batteries: replace every two years
  • Chains, drive shafts and belts: typical lifespan is between 15,000 and 30,000 mile

If you’re looking for motorcycle riding gear and high-quality aftermarket parts, locating a reliable online source is your best option. This way, you can choose from the largest selection and obtain the items you need.