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Art dealer’s son hangs self after socialite-model girlfriend dumped him after Valentine’s Day inquest says

Kai Schachter-Rich suicide
Pictured, Kai Schachter-Rich and
Kai Schachter-Rich suicide
Pictured, Kai Schachter-Rich and Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart.

Kai Schachter-Rich suicide death: Inquest determines son of wealthy art dealer hanging himself after his British model-socialite girlfriend calling off their relationship. 

An inquest has determined the son of a wealthy art dealer killing himself after his UK model socialite girlfriend ended their relationship.

Kai Schachter-Rich, 21, had been dating 20-year-old Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart, daughter of the 7th Marquess of Bute, when the woman called off their relationship- leading to the ‘devastated’ son hanging himself some weeks after Valentine’s Day The Sun reported.

The inquest heard the couple enjoying a glamorous lifestyle which included the posting photos of parties, art shows and trips around the world on Instagram.

A text message was found sent to Schachter-Rich from Lady Lola in which it appeared her ending their relationship the dailymail reported.

Unable to fathom life without his ‘model’ girlfriend, the Slade School of Fine Art student later that day hung himself – with authorities saying the young man’s body was found at his north London home on the evening of March 11th. 

Notice of the grim discovery came after a friend had gone to the property after Lady Lola said she had not heard from him Kai all day, St Pancras Coroner’s Court was told.

The friend, Jordan Vickers, described climbing through a first floor window after several failed attempts to contact Kai by phone.

Paramedics arrived at 10.22pm and pronounced Mr Schachter-Rich dead shortly after.

A post mortem examination found the young man having taken a cocktail of drink and drugs before hanging himself.

A search of the immediate surroundings led to police finding an empty bottle of whisky, with a toxicology report determining traces of ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis in the art dealer’s son’s body. Police said the substances did not contribute to his death.

Kai Schachter-Rich suicide death
Pictured, Kai Schachter-Rich suicide death.

‘You taught me so much about life and love, my role model, my rockstar.

Kai’s suicide death followed him and Lady Lola having celebrated Valentines’ Day together just weeks before. It remained unclear what led to the socialite calling off the couple’s relationship, nor how long they had been involved. 

Kai Schachter-Rich was the son of prominent New York art dealer Kenny Schachter and artist, Ilona Rich and lived in both London and New York City.

His maternal grandfather was Marc Rich, a financier known as the ‘king of commodities’ after founding multi-billion dollar company Glencore.

Socialite and model Lady Lola has appeared in society bible Tatler.

Her father is Johnny Crichton-Stuart, a former Formula 1 driver who won the 1988, 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

Writing after his death, Lady Lola posted: ‘You taught me so much about life and love, my role model, my rockstar.

‘A life without you is a life I can’t bear the thought of. The thought you were in pain and suffering in silence breaks my heart.

‘I wish I could have done more to save you. You made this world a better, brighter place with your epic energy and goofy grin and huge heart.

‘I loved you with every bone in my body and more.’

Assistant Coroner Sarah Burke recorded a verdict though it wasn’t entirely clear why he chose to take his own life and there may have been other causes.

She said Mr Schachter-Rich ‘was a bright man with a bright future’.

Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart
Pictured, Lady Lola Crichton-Stuart.