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Murdered Ole Miss student was pregnant with on & off boyfriend’s baby & killed after refusing abortion

Ally Kostial and Brandon Theesfeld
Pictured on and off Ole Mole couple, Ally Kostial and Brandon Theesfeld
Ally Kostial and Brandon Theesfeld
Pictured on and off Ole Miss College couple, Ally Kostial and Brandon Theesfeld

Murdered Ole Miss student Alexandra Ally Kostial was pregnant with on & off boyfriend’s baby & killed after refusing Brandon Theesfeld’s demand for abortion.

A murdered Ole Miss student has been revealed to have been pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby only for to be gunned down at the hands of her fellow Mississippi college classmate after refusing demands to get an abortion.

In an exclusive via the dailymail, a close friend of AlexandriaAlly’ Kostial reveals the murdered 21 year old woman been in a volatile relationship with her alleged killer, Brandon Theesfeld, 22, before announcing she was pregnant with his baby.

Explained the close friend who also attends the University of Mississippi, known as Ole Miss, via DailyMailTV: ‘Her sorority sisters knew she was pregnant and that she had told Brandon. He was really upset about it, that it would ruin his life and his future.

‘He was really mad that she wouldn’t get an abortion. She was like, ”No, I don’t believe in that”.’

A second friend told DailyMailTV: ‘She was really upset because she was pregnant and she had been trying to [get rid of her child] through unhealthy ways, like going out, drinking a lot and doing drugs. She was 17 weeks pregnant. She was not handling it well.

‘Brandon found out but he was dating someone else. He wanted her to get an abortion. I think morally she didn’t want to do it.’

The friend continued: ‘He would be awful and then she’d break up with him, or he’d break up with her in rage, and then he’d go back to her saying, ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” And she’d take him back’.

Pictured, Brandon Theesfeld and Ally Kostial.

Authorities awaiting results of autopsy: 

Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department confirmed being aware of the claims that Ally Kostial was pregnant and it was part of the ongoing investigation.

Told the Office of the Lafayette County Coroner via DailyMailTV: ‘The initial examination of the autopsy of Alexandria Kostial was performed. The additional ballistic, trace and comparative testing is not complete. The final complete autopsy report will not be issued by the State Medical Examiner until all evidence is processed and analyzed.’

It is not known when they final autopsy report will be completed.  

Kostial, was found dead on Saturday morning at 10.30am by a police officer on patrol. Her body was discovered near Sardis Lake, around 30 miles from where she was last seen in downtown Oxford, Mississippi at midnight on Friday.

Theesfeld was arrested three days later and charged with allegedly shooting Kostial eight times.

Ally Kostial pregnant
Pictured Ally Kostial.

Ally Kostial pregnancy not a well kept secret: 

The friend who fears reprisal if publicly identified believes Kostial told Theesfeld that she was pregnant on the same day she was killed.

‘I believe it was the same day,’ she said. ‘Her sorority sisters thought it was Brandon because he was in a rage earlier in the day when I guess she had told him.’

She said that Kostial and Theesfeld ‘had dated on and off since her freshman year’ and that news of Kostial’s pregnancy was not a well-kept secret on the campus.

The friend said that although Kostial had a very ‘good girl group’, Theesfeld was not well-known to them.

She described Kostial’s relationship with Theesfeld as ‘unstable’.

‘It was on and off. They’d break up and then they’d get back together. I don’t want to say volatile but unstable.

‘I don’t think they were ‘on’ at the time of her death.

‘They used to get in fights – voices raised, not screaming, but like ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ conversations.

‘He was very controlling – you can’t go here, you can’t talk to this person, you were flirting with this guy. She was not really allowed to have guy friends. That’s why she had such a close girl group’.

The friend added: ‘He was not going to leave her alone until she took him back. He wouldn’t let her move on with her life.

‘Their relationship was extremely toxic and she always took him back.’

Brandon Theesfeld Mississippi
Pictured, Brandon Theesfeld Mississippi college student.

A tragic end to a toxic relationship:

The friend said she wanted to share the truth of the situation to prevent gossip from spreading and also to remember who Ally was.

Kostial was seen last on surveillance footage leaving Funky’s bar in Oxford, Mississippi shortly before midnight last Friday before turning up dead the following day- allegedly at the hands of Theesfeld.

He is being held at Lafayette County Detention Center before the case goes to a grand jury at the end of August.

A spokesman at Ole Miss said Theesfeld, a business administration student, had been suspended from the university.

Ally’s funeral will be held on Saturday in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Ally Kostial and Brandon Theesfeld1
Ally Kostial and Brandon Theesfeld toxic relationship.