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Political correctness over reaction? TV anchor fired suggesting Baltimore needs change from black female mayors

Mary Bubala
Pictured, fired Mary Bubala
Mary Bubala
Pictured, fired WJZ Baltimore TV anchor, Mary Bubala. Screenshot.

WJZ Baltimore TV anchor, Mary Bubala fired. Was a reporter’s dismissal a knee jerk reaction to political correctness and legitimate racist attack? Media in turmoil. 

Racial animus? A Baltimore TV anchor has been fired after suggesting the city needed a ‘different kind’ of mayor after three black women had held the post. A sacking that has led to some wondering if the reporter’s dismissal had more to do with not seeming to risk offending a certain constituency as opposed to a failure of avid critical reporting. 

Mary Bubala, 49, was fired from WJZ after 15 years at the station following backlash from her comments while covering the recent resignation of mayor Catherine Pugh amid a corruption scandal.

‘We’ve had three female, African American mayors in a row,’ the anchor said on-air.

“They were all passionate public servants. Two resigned, though. Is this a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed to move Baltimore City forward?”

Seemingly legitimate questions. Or were they?

Mary Bubala fired: Forced to grovel cause her employer refused to stand by ethics of journalism.

After an outcry, because not even a 15 year veteran can feel comfortable anymore that they know how to do their job and sometimes ask uncomfortable probing questions-  Bubala capitulated and tweeted a ‘sincere apology,’ insisting the ‘question did not come out the way I intended.’

‘I am so deeply sorry and sincerely regret the words I chose,’ the bludgeoned journalist wrote.

It wasn’t too much longer that WJZ general manager Audra Swain confirming to The Baltimore Sun that ‘Mary Bubala is no longer a WJZ-TV employee.’

So much for your boss having your back. Journalists be damned. Follow the program. Repeat after the scripted lines- no need to offend or alienate. Damn dollars to care about.

Affirmed Swain,The station apologizes to its viewers for her remarks.’


Bubala with mud slapped all over her face then went on to post to Facebook, insisting that it was not in her ‘heart to intentionally cause this kind of harm.’

‘Unfortunately, I now stand in the path of the tornado,’ she wrote.

‘WJZ was forced to let me go. I am saddened and shocked by this decision. I fully intend to fight to restore my reputation because I’ve invested my heart and soul in my work and my city.’

Forced? Shocked? Should journalists be shocked that they too are disposable in the current age of political correctness?

And then there were these reactions on social media that made this author wonder, see what you think?