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Travel Tips For Couples Travelling to a New Place

Travel Tips For Couples
Travel Tips For Couples
Travel Tips For Couples
Travel Tips For Couples Traveling to a new place. Stock imagee.

Travel Tips For Couples Travelling: What to bear in mind next time you visit a foreign destination in the event of unforeseen events and health protocol. 

Travelling is without doubt best for the soul and the body. Even a short trip can make the body and mind relax, as it is all about finding relief from monotonous daily routines.

For couples travelling means bonding over new experiences and adventures. Travelling forges bonds and creates unforgettable memories. It can help make you aware of each others limitations and personalities, all the while allowing you to adjust and learn.

If you’re travelling with your partner here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Do the research

The first step of preparing for a trip is to do the research and learn all that you can about your destination. If you’re travelling to a foreign country, you have to be aware of the climate, the current weather and temperature, the culture and the native language. You should be mindful of high temperatures that may induce heatstrokes or if you’re visiting high altitudes.

Many tourism friendly countries may speak your language, but most will not. Make sure to learn a few phrases of their language at least the basics that can help you in times of emergency. 

Most importantly when doing your research learn all about the risks that may come your way. Your focus should be on weather emergencies such as snowstorms, hurricanes etc. and on medical risks. Learn all about the diseases you may be at risk of and any diseases that can be transmitted through animals, water and food.


The second step is always to visit a doctor and discuss your medical history and any medical conditions you may be at risk of. Update your vaccinations and get vaccinated for diseases such as typhoid, malaria, dengue, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Yellow fever, Cholera and Traveller’s diarrhea etc.

A physician will be more aware of what vaccinations you need and remember that some treatments take time to be administrated or need more than one shot so visit your physician well before your time to take off.

Stock Medication

If you suffer from any chronic disease or illness such as diabetes, make sure to get a prescription and stock up on your medication. You may not find your prescribed medicine in a foreign country. Visit your physician to get a recommendation for medicines for common illnesses such as flu, fever, diarrhea, constipation etc.

Even if you forget something, don’t worry as you can easily find it on online pharmacies such as Click Pharmacy.

Check your first aid kit

Besides packing all your clothes and other necessities, make sure to pack a first aid kit.

A first aid kit should hold helping apparatus for general emergencies such as bandages, antibiotics, ointments for stings and bites, antihistamines for allergies, band-aids, sunscreen and gel for sunburns. Also, carry medicine for sea-sickness or motion-sickness as you may be surprised.

Travel Tips For Couples
Travel Tips For Couples: Be wary of the heat and sun- it could cause unforeseen health concerns.

Be wary of the heat and Sun

If you’re travelling to a sunny place or a beach where you plan to lounge, keep in mind to carry the right paraphernalia. Carry sunscreens and hats with you. Also, it is advised to wear full-length clothing of light material in high temperatures to remain protected from the sun.

If you’re prone to sunburns, remember to carry a relief ointment with you.

It is not wise to go directly into the sun if you are travelling from a colder climate. It is best to acclimate your body to the heat gradually and not stay under the sun for too long.

Many travellers forget to keep their body hydrated as they’re not used to hot temperatures and put themselves at risk for dehydration. You might be sweating a lot and need to keep your body hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you, which will remind you to stay hydrated.


One important tip that travellers forget is that the water of a different place may not be suitable for their body. Every region has a different composition of water, and your body might not react kindly to the change. One can never be sure how safe drinking water is, so it is best to drink purifies water. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with bottled water and canned drinks.

If you order local drinks, make sure to order them without ice, as again, you cannot be sure what kind of water has been used. If possible, refrain from all local drinks, you may never know what might become the source of an illness.

It is suggested to use boiled water if you cannot find bottled water, or water purifiers and tablets.


Everything that you put in your body should be regarded with attention. Try to avoid eating street food unless you’re sure it is healthy and fresh. The most common food-related illnesses include gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, stomach pains, nausea and vomiting.

Even a slight chance of contaminated food or a drink may have you vomiting or attached to the toilet for days, which will inherently destroy your vacation.

It is suggested that you keep a check of the food you intake and keep local menus to a minimum.

  • Eat yogurt.
  • Do not eat raw vegetables
  • Do not eat unpeeled fru 
  • Avoid dairy products.
  • Do not eat fruits that have been washed since the water might be contaminated.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that can be peeled such as cucumbers, bananas, oranges mangoes, watermelons etc.
  • Avoid raw meat and seafood.
  • Eat only thoroughly cooked meat.
  • Prefer hot meals over cold ones.


Hygiene is essential when it comes to travelling. You can never be too concerned about cleanliness. Public places are a breeding ground for germs. If you’re visiting famous tourist spots, make sure to wash carefully after, to avoid contracting any bacteria.

Always keep your hands washed and sanitised. Carry a sanitizer, small soap or alcohol wipes with you all the time.

Travel Tips For Couples
Travel Tips For Couples visiting a new destination. Stock image.