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Pushed to be racist? Taco Truck Tammy threatens to call ICE on Mexican food truck vendors

Taco Truck Tammy
Pictured, Taco Truck Tammy. Screenshot.
Taco Truck Tammy
Pictured, Taco Truck Tammy. Screenshot.

Texas woman Taco Truck Tammy threatens to call ICE on Mexican food truck vendors after turning up on her street blames personal upheaval for outburst.

A Texas woman since dubbed Taco Truck Tammy insists she’s not racist after she was caught on camera threatening to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Mexican food vendors.

Video of the woman, who goes by Valerie, went viral after she was filmed recording taco truck vendors in her Dallas neighborhood shouting at them, ‘You can’t be here’ and ‘I’ll call ICE’. 

While acknowledging the ‘incident’ was ‘unfortunate’ incident- Valerie insists that the vendors were aggressive towards her first. 

‘One of them said, “Get back in your house b***h or we’ll kick your a**,” the woman claimed via NBCDFW.  

‘I took their comments seriously when they told me to go back in my house or they’d kick my a**! I just didn’t want my a** kicked! And I like tacos! Just not in my neighborhood’.

Taco Truck Tammy: Pushed to be racist?

The now remorseful woman says fearing at the time for her safety and retaliating with a verbal attack as the vendors began filming her. 

Valerie explained she was in the stressful process of selling her home and when the honking taco truck came around, she’d reached a ‘breaking point’.  

Do you suppose?

‘There’s all the honking going on with the taco truck coming up and the hammering and the beeping and I just walked out and said, “You guys can’t be here. This is a residential area, you guys need to move.” So probably that hurt,’ Valerie reiterated.

‘It was an unfortunate comment. I wish I used my words better,’ she added to KHOU11.  

Valerie acknowledges having filed a police report against the food truck operators for what she deemed to be harassment.  

The woman also pointed to a recent death in the family for her ‘wild’ reaction. 

‘It was just a moment of a very bad choice of words,’ Valerie said. ‘I regret the comment at the end. It was a flippant comment. It doesn’t really reflect who I am. It reflects my frustration.’ 

‘I was pushed to a point where I snapped,’ she added. 

‘I’m scared for my safety, I’m going viral,’ Valerie added on her unwanted newfound fame.

Taco Truck Tammy: ‘I like Tacos… but just not in my neighborhood.’

Notice of the altercation came after Claudia Lopez shared video on YouTube on Thursday with the title: ‘Racist woman talking about she’s gonna call ICE on us for selling food in Dallas when we have a permit’.

It begins with Valerie smirking as she points and says: ‘OK, please move.’

Voices from behind the camera can be heard responding that they intend to comply.

A truck operator speaking in Spanish says: ‘Look at this crazy old lady she’s saying I don’t have permission to be here but I have the permission.’  

One vendor then tells her in English: ‘Go back inside’. 

At some point- matters escalate with Taco Truck Tammy threatening, ‘I’ll call ICE!’

‘Okay, call ICE. Call them. Okay? You can call them. Call them right now,’ a woman shouts back at Tammy. 

The vendor mumbles to herself as she packs up: ‘F**k. I don’t give a s**t who you call.’

A report via The Austin Statesman didn’t clarify whether ICE was actually called against the Mexican vendors.