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‘Mama my head hurt’ 13 year old girl dies after jumped by classmates walking home from school

Kashala Francis
Pictured, Houston teen, Kashala Francis and her mother, Mamie Jackson.
Kashala Francis
Pictured, Houston teen, Kashala Francis and her mother, Mamie Jackson.

Houston teen girl, Kashala Francis dies less than a week after being jumped by three classmates while walking home from school. No arrests with autopsy pending.

A 13-year-old girl in Texas has died less than a week after being beaten by three girls as she walked home from school, leaving her mother searching for answers.

Kashala Francis, a seventh-grader at Attucks Middle School in Houston, was punched and kicked several times by two girls in an unprovoked attack last Thursday. A third girl then jumped in and kicked Kashala in the head, her mother told KTRK.

‘Why do I have to suffer?’ Mamie Jackson asked. ‘Why do I have to wake up and she’s not here?’

Kashala had a bruise on her face after the attack, but insisted that she was OK, Jackson said. But her condition took a drastic turn for the worse Sunday as the teen complained of an intense headache before falling unconscious and later into a coma. Doctors at a hospital later found a tumor in her brain, as well as a buildup of fluid. 

Come Wednesday, Kashala was pronounced dead at Texas Children’s Hospital. It’s unclear whether she died from the injuries she sustained in the fight or succumbed as a result of a pre-existing medical condition, police told ABC News.

‘Until the autopsy is finished, we won’t know,’ a Houston police spokesman told the outlet, adding that the incident is being investigated as a homicide pending the completion of the autopsy.

The spokesman said no arrests had been made in the case and declined further comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

Did Kashala Francis have an unknown medical condition? Did the beating serve to exacerbate girl’s decline? Or was death direct result of classmate beating? 

School district officials said in a statement to KTRK that they were aware of an ‘off-campus altercation’ on April 18.

‘[Houston Independent School District] is gathering information and cooperating with the Houston Police Department in its investigation,’ the statement read.

Jackson, meanwhile, said her daughter ‘did not deserve’ to be attacked and had no interest in fighting that day.

‘It’s not fair,’ the mother told KTRK. ‘She did not deserve that … I’ve never met a person who has come into contact with Kashala who has not fallen in love with her.’

It remained unclear if Kashala and her attackers had ongoing fissures.

Jackson said she wants answers as to how a seemingly healthy young girl just days earlier died after a brutal attack, even with a previously unknown medical condition.

‘So, if she had a tumor in her head that were we unknowing about, and somebody repeatedly stomped and kicked and punched you in your head — you’re not even fighting back — is it going to be better or is it going to be worse?’ the mother asked.

Jackson believes that she would’ve had ‘more time with my baby’ if the attack had not occurred. A belief that many on social media have come to share as demands are now made for Kashala’s attackers be brought to justice. 

Kashala Francis
Pictured, Houston teen, Kashala Francis