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Beaver Dam homicide: Dekalb County prosecutor shot dead by ex husband in worse case of domestic violence

Stacia Hollinshead
Pictured, Stacia Hollinshead
Stacia Hollinshead
Pictured, Stacia Hollinshead

Stacia Hollinshead a Dekalb County, Illinois prosecutor shot dead by ex husband-Ulisses W. Medina Espinosa in instance of domestic violence. 

A Wisconsin assistant state attorney has been fatally shot, allegedly at the hands of her ex-husband, in what is being described as ‘the worst possible outcome of domestic violence’. 

Stacia Hollinshead, 30, was shot dead in a home in Beaver Dam on Saturday.

Her ex-husband Ulisses W. Medina Espinosa, who she filed a protective order against in 2016, was arrested and is being held at the Dodge County Detention Facility pending charges. 

Hollinshead worked as a county prosecutor for Dekalb County, Illinois and was a former army intelligence officer and was the mother to a five-year-old daughter, who is believed to have witnessed her mother’s shooting, authorities say.  

Hollinshead lived in Sycamore, Illinois.

Hollinshead and Espinosa divorced in 2016- with the woman that same year filing a protective order against her former husband in Dekalb County– only for the order to be waived Heavy reported.

In 2018, Ulisses Medina Espinosa was ordered to pay child support, and there were also judgments against him for attorney’s fees.

Stacia Hollinshead murder: first homicide in Beaver Dam in over 28 years.

Bob Barrington, managing attorney of the Dodge County District Attorney‘s office, which is handling the case, said domestic violence charges are being considered.

He expects ‘charges will be filed Tuesday’, according to ABC.   

Hollinshead’s murder was the first homicide in the town since 1986.

‘It’s a really quiet neighborhood. Neighbors know each other and take care of each other. You don’t expect to see anything like this on a quiet street like this,’ Brian Hartl told via ABC.

‘This was an isolated isolated incident…This does not happen on this block of Third Street,’ Allie Hartl said.

‘We haven’t had this kind of suspicious investigation in over 28 years that I’ve been with the Beaver Dam Police Department,’ Police Chief John Kreuziger reiterated. 

Stacia Hollinshead
Stacia Hollinshead

Stacia Hollinshead: Another victim in un-ending domestic violence.

Rick Amato of the Dekalb County State’s Attorney – where Hollinshead worked since November – mourned their colleague’s death on Facebook, calling it the ‘worst possible outcome of domestic violence’. 

‘Although Stacia had been with our office only a few months, we quickly came to know her as a dedicated mother and prosecutor with a bright future in the practice of law,’ he posted Sunday evening. 

‘News of Stacia’s death has left us stunned, deeply saddened, struggling to understand how someone we cared for so much could be the victim of such an unimaginably violent act, and wondering how we could have helped her to prevent it.

‘Stacia’s tragic death drives home many points that we make constantly: Domestic violence is about power and control, it is learned behavior, it is present in all communities, it crosses all social and economic barriers, and it is preventable. 

He went on to say that the office will continue to work to ‘stop abusers who terrorize their partners and rip apart their families.’  

‘Stacia is yet another face and heart to fight for, and a reason to believe in the work that we do daily to free the victims in our community from the power and control of their abusers,’ he added. 

Amato said that Hollinshead had served as a U.S. Army Intelligence analyst for 11 years and was a graduate of Northern Illinois University College of Law – as seen on her Linkedn profile.

According to AP, analysis of domestic violence murders from 2006 to 2014 show that current wives and girlfriends account for nearly 75 percent of all fatal domestic violence shootings. On average, there were 561 such homicides per year where the victim was the shooter’s wife, ex-wife, girlfriend or common-law wife.

Stacia Hollinshead
Stacia Hollinshead and daughter. Image via Facebook.