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Dad plunges to his death after losing balance from 12th floor Manhattan window

Michael Courtain
Pictured, NYC man, Michael Courtain and the UES building he plunged to his death from.
Michael Courtian
Pictured, NYC man, Michael Courtian and the UES building he plunged to his death from. Image via Linkden.

Michael Courtian Upper East side, Manhattan man plunges to his death after losing his balance while adjusting window from his 12th floor apartment.

A 55-year-old father of two has died after he falling from the 12th floor of a Manhattan apartment building while trying to fix a window on Friday.

Michael Courtian struck the pavement at around 9.30am having plummeted from a window of a residential block on the Upper East side– located along East 87th St and Third Avenue.

The incident occurred as the man’s wife reportedly watched in horror – as Courtian tumbled out the window barely a few feet away next to his wife.

The nypost reported Courtian at the time standing on a chair attempting to repair a window screen only to lose his balance and fall out of the open window.

Police reported that a wrench was found on the ground next to the father of two’s unresponsive body.

A nearby construction worker and police officer performed CPR on the man until paramedics arrived.

Witnesses say Courtian wasn’t moving, conscious, or breathing as paramedics arrived. 

He was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital where he later died of his injuries.

‘He was reaching out [the window], I guess he was cleaning the window or something and I had to get back to work,’ eyewitness Humberto Vargas recalled just before the fall to the Daily News.

‘I didn’t see him fall out. I heard a sound, but I didn’t know it was him until I got there and saw him on the ground,’ he added.

Vargas’ boss was the worker who ran to the man’s aid.

Another eye-witness recalled seeing ‘something drop’ out the corner of her eye.

‘It was like a second trying to see what happened. I didn’t see him fall from the sky, he just dropped,’ said Lanita Stinnie, 38, a bakery worker across the road from the apartment block.

It remained unclear why the father hadn’t simply asked building management to tend to the window.

A regard of Courtian’s Linkden profile revealed him working as an executive in investor relations and having graduated from Dartmouth College.

Courtian’s two children were at school at the time of the fall.